Thursday, January 28, 2010



wasn't funny get's better...

So apparently, there's a version of it for men.........who havent figured out that we come with one built-in, standard equipped. Brings new meaning to the term "gay bar."

Then I saw this clip of it being mentioned on The View (seems more like a paid plug to me) are some women really and truly this naive?

Then, I showed it to a friend of mine (female of course) whose response was this:
"I saw that commercial on the Fit TV channel yesterday. I didn't think anything of it except that shaking that thing for 6 minutes a day is probably not gonna do any more for you than shaking a bottle of juice for 6 minutes a day...that you could save your money. A handjob hadn't crossed my mind until now. We should do a response video, if it has not already been done, demonstrating how if you gave a handjob for 6 minutes a day you could get the same results or better (improved relationship with your male spouse, etc)--and its free. :0)"
...Brilliant! Hadn't even considered that aspect. Forget counseling and therapy, forget all the reason why you can't and spend 6 minutes a day just selflessly pleasing your mate (men too) and see if that don't cure whatever relationship woes you may be experiencing. Aint nothing a little "dynamic inertia" won't cure.

I understand that men and women think on entirely different wavelengths so if any of you, like my friend, saw nothing wrong with this video, check out this version, translated in Mananese to better understand what goes through our head when we see and hear this (lets see if html wants to behave).

WARNING: Contents and dialogue are graphic and GIGGITY in nature. Viewers discretion is advised.

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