Friday, January 26, 2007

Fischer Price - My First Blog/Disclaimer

I think a lot. Stupid statement of the day.
So after 3 years, I finally decides to make one of these things after I spent like an hour and a half reading some of my friends thoughts

some of my comments were long enough to be blogs on thier own....hmmmmmmmm..?

Im using this bc I've been dying to write and i never discipline myself to.
Its been 7 months since i've been in front of a classroom
I never realized how much my students were a driving force in my creativity.
I had to create and be creative to lead by example.

Now, with no teachers, with no students, with no classroom,
where does one find the motiviation?
the inspiration?
the spark?

when I type i tend to think at the speed of wind
and in doing so I have very little regard for grammar,
and other laws that govern this bastard language that is english.
on top of that I refuse to use spell check.
have you ever tried to chase the wind?
ever tried catching it?
tough aint it

Like my good friend rnb says "if you can correct, then you understand me."

Sorry if that offends anyone but what little respect i've had for the english language i lost it after "bootylicious" was entered into the dictionary (don't believe me? )