Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Signs that the sky is falling #4


Previously on My $0.02.....................Signs that the sky is falling #1
"In the words of the ever wise, immortal Al Bundy, "slowly but surely, our freedoms are being taken away from us," as he recanted about simpler times when you can park on the street for free while he was complaining about parking meters. This is so true. Why are we so docile and supersizely, ez-passly passive?? If this happened in France, they'd storm the capital and streets and demand change. Don't be surprised when they start putting meters on our homes and start charging for air."
AAAAAAAAAND in Signs that the sky is falling #3 (no more slacking on my journalistic duties!)

we discussed how just like that, a service that was readily offered to us for free that many ppl got used to and acclimated to using for free decided to start charging all of a sudden.

Well here it is.

OXYGEN FOR SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sidenote: this blogsite is being a brat and not allowing me to upload said photo, thus making for a very awkward hole in me piece. Not a fan. GRRRRRRRR!! This makes me cranky, so I'll add the photo later. Check back.
Taken at an "oxygen bar" in Vegas. It's a "to-go" personal use "scented flavored" oxygen serving.
This time I won't do so much explanatory explaining. Let's do some simple math. I live in a universe where 1+1=2 and 1+2=3. Always has, always will. May or may not make sense, but that is how I analyze and look at all things, mathematical or not and whether or not numbers are even involved. That being said, lets look at the quote from sign #1 and the central theme of sign # tree. If 1+3=4, where do you think we will go with this in the future?

Paranoid am I? Try telling that to the ppl who missed out on the the ground level of bottled water, a now billion dollar industry, bc they thought "egh, who'll pay for water when you can get it for free out the tap or from a stream?" Or try telling that to the millions of home owners on that dreadful day when the "water company" came and put a meter on the house and started charging you every time you shower, clean food, flush the toilet or open the sink. If you think that "THEY," i.e. corporate self servers and their profiteers can't go about making you pay for something that you've enjoyed for free up to this point (hint hint AVG), I have a bridge for sale that I'd like you to take a look at. Talk to you later. I forgot that I have a ceiling to mop.

Monday, March 23, 2009

"I blame Twitter/Facebook/Myspace/Everyone bc I'm dumb!!"..........The Honorable Moron Award

A friend of mine posted this article and I couldn't stop laughing about this tomfoolery. Nor can I stop commenting on it:
Twitter gets you fired in 140 characters or less
Sidenote: I already expressed previously in My $0.02 how hesitant I am about Twitter. It was only a matter of time before the bungling buffoons would come tumbling in.
Question,................. if you were on an Internet networking site.........and you knew everyone online can read whatever you write.......and you're page is not set to private, so that includes ppl who aren't even your friend.........does this sound like an intelligent thing to post on you page......for the entire World Wide Web to read?
Sidenote: for our less tech savvy readers, "world wide web" is what "www" in your website url stand for! Stick around and someday we'll reveal what url means, http and the difference btwn http and https!!! :).....anyways....onto the quote....
"Cisco just offered me a job! Now I have to weigh the utility of a fatty paycheck against the daily commute to San Jose and hating the work.”
Now that's still not the funny part. It gets better. He gets a message from someone who works at Cisco and apparently it was an "open response." Hope that means something to you twitter ppl or rather....twitter-ers. My naive guess is that it's open for everyone to see:

"Who is the hiring manager. I’m sure they would love to know that you will hate the work. We here at Cisco are versed in the web."

How syntactically lethal? I just love the simplistic, yet sinister latency of that phrase! Just laced with an innocent candy coating of cynicism, with a creamy gooey evil nougat filling. The guy who responded should teach a class. I'd sign up for it.
Sidenote: Can't you just hear a mini Homer Simpson going off in his head saying "D'OH!!!"
It's not Twitter's fault ppl are idiots. Especially in this economy when thousands of fully qualified ppl are getting laid off for no wrong doing of their own and can't find work to save their life, you're dumbass is complaining about a commute when you know you'll be getting a "fatty check?" You tit! I have a friend that commutes from Brooklyn to Long Island 90 minutes both ways (sometimes 2 hours) and has been doing so for 6 yrs! Do what you gotta do damnit!!

Why ppl publicly post where they place work online is beyond me personally (as I've stated before), why ppl friend co-workers and bosses is a complete alien concept to me, but I can't even begin to comprehend why the hell someone would curse out or insult their place of work....ON A PUBLIC NETWORKING WEBSITE WHERE ANYONE CAN SEE?

Even before twitter, most companies had a Google search service that tracks every news article or blog that mentions the company name, let alone a technology company. They mostly do this to post in the company intranet and keep track of its media/press coverage. Reminds me of the guy who worked for the Eagles who got fired when he cursed them out on a facebook status.


So I guess in the new employee manuals, by Friday COB (close of business), there should be an addenda that specifies "don't curse out the hand that feeds you on public domains," bc common sense is not only not common, it's flat out a myth. And if it existed, its chillin with a stegosaurus, woolly mammoth, and dodo bird right about now...........[sigh]
Sidenote: Are Bald Head Eagles extinct? Did anyone see that Inauguration Concert for Obama (YAAAAY I WAS THERE) when they brought out the eagle? Gotta love the irony of what our nations symbol is......... the strongest, free-est bird with the widest wingspan..................who's bound by the leg and can't fly anywhere bc it's shackled to its master.....WOW...............MESSAGE!!!!!!!

Sidernote: If you haven't seen "Don't be a Menace to South Central While Drinking your Juice in the hood," its one of the Wayans Brothers finer works.
Here's a compilation to better understand the context. It spoofs all the hood movies of the early 90's namely the sentimental moments and allegorical themes. Hence, the mail man blatantly pointing out every time there's a MESSAGE!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The wisest, realest thing I ever .......... copied

I rarely to never do this, but I was reading a commentary in an article that I absolutely had to share.

You ever sign into AIM and the homepage opens in a browser with a billion little articles. I periodically start a web session with a few of these links that pique my interest. So I'm reading this article entitled: "

15 Kinds of Bad Girls...Readers' Picks" aka "Women Men Despise."

Valuable lessons for women. Brilliantly composed of articles the readers submitted. A festive read, some of em are generalized crap, many are really good, but the real gold in this mine is #13. So much so that I stopped to come and tell you all about it. I loved it so much that I decided to copy it verbatim and share with you all. Glorious lesson on life. This can be applied to both women AND men. I know quite a few guys guilty of this too......but moreso women :-p
Courtesy of:
She's Too Busy Looking for Mr. Perfect

So many women are looking for Mr. Perfect. Here is a story about looking for perfection. A woman was driving down the highway, and since she had been driving all day, she was hungry. She started to look for a restaurant to have dinner, but could not find a restaurant she liked. One was too big (slow service). One was too commercial (quality?). One was too out of the way. One had too many semi-trucks parked around it (country Western). One had an empty parking lot. She looked and looked until she was so hungry she decided to eat at the next restaurant she saw. She drove up, walked to the front door and saw the sign: CLOSED! The moral is that people looking for perfection seldom find it. --STEALTH694
Thank you "Stealth 694" for this golden pearl of wisdom!!!

Sidenote: "Golden" and "pearl" don't exactly make much sense does it? Nor would, perhaps, "golden gem?" No? No good? Golden marble......golden pea...bean, seed??? I think I like seed. No way am I about to call any other spherical object "golden." Yall figure that one out on your way home.

Sidernote: ".........................OOOOOOOOOOOH I get it! He meant golden "balls" eeeeeeeeew! Thats groooooooooosssssssss.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

PSA: Ladies!! If you want to dance alone.........stop going to parties full of ppl....who want to dance!!

This is a phenomena that has plagued men for an age and puzzled me for just as long. Fellas, we've all been to a bar, lounge, house party, or club and experienced this at some point in our lives (unless social interaction, partying and dancing just isn't your thing...seriously, not being sarcastic....a lot of my friends and one of my brother are not party dancing ppl):
Eager and overzealous guy # 246: Hey young lady, would you like to dance?
Unenthused female at party #73: [forced smile] umm..no thank you, I'm just dancing with my friends.
I've always wondered this question........If you don't want to dance with anyone........why did you choose to come to an uber crowded establishment..........where music is playing...and ppl are going to be there dancing....and you know guys are going to want to dance with you....and dress like a cross between a lead video girl and the lead sex symbol in a James Bond film..............IF YOU DON'T WANT TO DANCE WITH ANYONE!!!!!????

This comes to mind bc I went to two events in one evening, one with a female friend home for spring break, then I got a txt from some friends who happen to be in the same area who invited me somewhere. At the latter venue, which was a post office in comparison to the first one, I was on the dance floor and did the old fashion "hey can I dance with you gesture" and a lady stopped dead in her tracks and started talking to me asking me questions "That's ok, I don't feel like dancing. hi, how are you, what is your name," clearly in a sarcastic demeaning tone. I just walked away.
Sidenote: I'm just asking for a dance, it's not that deep. If you look out your window, past the trees and way over the telephone lines, higher than the tallest building outside, you will see the flying fat baby's ASS that I give about your name and who you are? Had I wanted to know who you are, I would have asked.

Sidernote: In contrast, I actually have a number of good friends who I actually met during situation at parties, however it was always something memorable that happened, that sparked a dialog and a moment of bonding. This chick was clearly being a dick, and don't challenge me at that bc I'm quite seasoned at it.

Point of clarification: "Post office" is a term from a song by Soca artist, Bunjii Garlin and Reggae Icon Beenieman, called "Plenty Gyal." Some of you will get it on the way home or tomorrow during lunch...."post office.....mail.....sounds like male....oooooooooh!!!" Other more common terms, sausage fest, sardine can, sword fight, mailbox etc, feel free to add.
Now I'm sure ladies can come up with a trillion justifications for her reaction and I can too, but that's irrelevant in first person perception, now isn't it? The reason why I see this as imbecilic is in reference to such stark contrast to the first venue. I had to take a phone call at the first spot, so I had to leave my friend alone in a lounge (with the "vultures" hovering waiting for me to step aside from her) and and she didn't want to talk to anyone, dance or be bothered....so you wanna hear the crazy thing she did??? She sat down....in a corner....FAAAAAR AWAY FROM THE DANCE FLOOR WHERE EVERYONE ELSE WAS DANCING!! What a complex, alien concept!! NONONONOONO!!! I have a better idea. When the hot tracks come on, I'm going to dance not near, IN the middle of the dance floor, by myself, surrounded by men....bc that's the surefire way to avoid hassle and dance by myself.

Granted we all know that some guys are a little bit more "ambitious" than others, so here are some helpful ways to avoid being hassled if you don't want to be bothered
  • My personal favorite....I have a great place where you can listen to the best music, dance all by yourself for as long as you like, and not be bothered at all all day long.............its called MY HOME!!
  • Learn from my educated friend. Find a corner, nook or seated area that is not as easy to get to. Standing behind chairs, stools, or tables can serve as barriers or vulture retardants.
  • Simply don't go to parties. I know many females who don't "club" for this specific reason.
  • Don't be cheap. Money and peace of mind are interchangeable. I know a lot of women, who for this reason, will shell out the extra money to get in the VIP section, which usually has tables, seats and not as much hassle. You get your own section, you can go in general admission and escape to your sactuary at any time, still enjoying the atmosphere and tunes with everyone else. If you go in general admission, ESPECIALLY IF YOU GOT IN FOR FREE, you get what you pay for...fend for yourself.
  • Utilize "the impenetrable buddy circle fortress." You know what I'm talking about. That circle of 3-7 girls just dancing and enjoying life. This deters most guys who already can anticipate "oh, I'm just dancing with my girls" a block away.
Sidenote, there are cracks, leaks and points of vulnerability in this fortress so ladies be ware........but I'll be betraying my gender were I to reveal said tactics B-)

Sidernote: If you got in for free, quit crying. Too damn spoiled!!

  • This one is kind of evil, but I've admitted that I'm evil time and time again. If you don't want to be bothered, always roll with a "body guard" or "Cave Troll."
Sidenote:The "Cave Troll" is the.......to avoid offending any potential cave troll or cave troll enthusiasts, let's just say....that.....very....masculine-esque not so attractive friend. If we measured on a scale, and attractive was in.....Seattle......the cave troll would land somewhere around.....say, Morocco. Yall can call me evil all ya want, I just invented the terminology, not the concept. If ya wan see real evil, I can give you the names to a handful of women who actually do this and think like that......and those of you reading who know you do it are prolly laughing you're tail off.
Here's something to consider next time you cry and complain, "Oh woe is me!! Everyone wants to dance with me or talk to me!! I'm soooo pretty/hot/attractive and SUCH a good dancer!! Why am I so cursed!!? Oh pray for me!! There are some females who go out all the time WHO NEVER GET HIT ON or so much of a "HI, can we dance." I see it all the time, and I know some like this. Imagine how sad and heart breaking it is to see your friend who has her pic of the litter, turns down guys you would dream to get, get hit on left and right, approached all the time and complain about it while no one ever wants to talk to you. I consider that "a good problem to have." So if you don't like the attention, make yourself less attractive, or consider some of the humorous tactics to combat this grave burden you are cursed to carry.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Signs That the Sky is Falling #2

Previously on "My $0.02"..................Signs that the sky is falling #1

Okay. Much like egg n cheese and Vanilla Ice, "I'm on a roll!!"


.............. I don't think I really have to dig TOOOOO deep into that one. There is something so rudimentally sad about that, that a comedic parody can not harness. A friend of mine was telling me that she and 200 other ppl got laid off recently. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this the season when you need MORE tax people? WOW!!!
Sidenote: Real Time with Bill Maher is one of the funniest shows on TV and I'm glad its back. He talked about something similar when he made light of that fact that a bar in Boston laid off a bartender from the classic "CHEERS" (yes the one from the tv show) the weekend BEFORE ST. PATRICKS DAY!!!.............can't make this stuff up ppl.
At times like this, I often ask myself.........."what would Tupac say?....".... Beautiful Video!!!
Sidenote: I don't reallly go about quoting the word of Tupac. It just happened to be a relevant song to the topic..... I think he's a bit overrated....okay more like highly overrated.

The UBER-est Nerdy-esque thing ever!!!

OMG!! I read this on someone's status and I had to look this up to confirm it. Today is actually "Pi" day....did ya know that?? I mean 3.1459xyzlmnopdpg's ova on da wesSIIIIIIIIIDE!!!!

........OOOOOOOOH I get it!!!..heh...heh..because it's March 14th today..heh.....and March is the "3rd" month of the year...thats right....ha...so numerically that would be 3-14!....haha......how cleverrrrrrrrrrr?!!!??? I wonder who's the pocket protector that came up this poppycock? Seriously! How many times must your milk money be stolen at lunch and your homework copied for you to say "when I grow up I'm going to make a day dedicated to the honor and glory of Pi!!!?" How many times have you had a family, school, job or medical crissis.................that was solved by the numeric medicinal prowess of PI!!!!??? I will investigate the significance of this cult-like phenomena with the number and report on my findings on a latter day.

And apparently this is the 21st year it's been celebrated too. I don't know what's more fascinating. The fact that someone came up with this holiday, the fact that there's and organization and website with shops and ideas to celebrate dedicated to it, there are hords of ppl who celebrate.....or that fact that I've never heard of this before. Hilarious!!
Sidenote/Disclaimer: We at The Rrchitect would like to apologize to all Pi and Pi day fanatics and enthusiasts who may have been offended by the comments in this expressed written brain fart. In the event of such said offense, we highly encourage that you engage in the following activities: either grow a pair, hold it the eff down or laugh it off as humorous.....which is the sole intent of the jest.

Sidernote:.....Yeah, so that was not so much of an apology. It's My $0.02 damnit! I find it funny. Laugh with me :)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Signs that the sky is falling #1

If we haven't heard it enough, the economy has gone to shyte. China is talking about (emergency sidenote: why the hell did spell check want me to spell "about" with 2 t's?? "Shyte, I understand, but "aboutt?" Am I Canadian?!........no offense to my Canadians and Canadian enthusiasts) pulling its money out of the US (funny how we're a stock and China has over a trillion liquid invested in us) bc they are uncertain of the certainty of their investment..........(that don't sound too right). But I'm no financial analyst, I'm a Joe Scmoe. There are more alarming signs that our economy is down the tubes, as far as I am concerned.
Sidenote: As big a story as that may sound, I actually had to google it to get articles bc funny enough it was not on the homepage on CNN.com and when I tried looking it up in their search engine, they looked at me like they never heard of the place China. Ostrich technique is what I call it.
Sign That the Sky is Falling #1: Grocery bags now cost money!!!!!
Now this is where the alarms blare, panick is spread, evacuation announcements are made on the PA and the Godzilla theme song plays as Japanese ppl run, arms flailing, pointing and screamimg "GODZILAAAAA!!!" .......Aaaaaah, Gojira. My favorite man in a rubber n foam suit....Seriously, I digress...

Remember the days when you had a choice, "paper or plastic" and you didn't have to ask them to double your bags on the more heavy items? There was always that pleasant immigrant who couldn't work anywhere legally or that little local neighborhood kid who wasn't old enough to work anywhere else...........Dont act like I'm effed up! You go to Associates, Keyfood, Pathmark or Mets around the way and act like thats not what you see? Ah the Bag boy or Bag Lady (shout outs to Eryka Badu). THESE SUNZABISCUITS CHARGE YOU FOR THE FRICKEN GROCERY BAGS NOW!!!!!! WHAT THE HELL!!!
Sidenote: Eryka Badu is a blasted genius. I been reminiscing on how "Mamma's Gun" is one of my favorite albums of all time. I remember that she dropped a single/video for "Bag Lady" that was soooo comercial and un-Badu, AND on the album she said "get that comercial shet outta here" and she dropped the most Badu-esque version of "Bag Lady" possible!!

Sidernote: By comercial version, I mean the old "hey lets used a well known song from a well known producer so it strikes a cord in ppl's memory and its an isntant hit even before you listen to the words...." Shout out to Dre on the "Xxplosive" beat. WARNING!!! its spelled "XXplosive" for a reason!!
I firmly believe that in the heart of every tragedy is a great opportunity and new market, so before I even began to bitch n whine about it, I notice in catologs that theres a whole new market of "Grocery Bags," some of which are thermally insulated to keep your stuff cool. I remember hearing my folks try to justify buying this like they absolutely NEEDED it, so I had to remind em they collectively have lived over a century without em. The raw fish and icecream will survive the 3 block walk home. I'm sure. Paper and plastic will do just fine.
Sidenote: I absolutely loath Whole Paycheck.....uh I mean, Wholefood Warehouse or whatever the heck that starbuck grocery store is named. Perhaps thats where ppl got the idea of buying reusable bags. I want my infinite supply of plastic bags that I use as garbage bags, laundry, travel bags for shoes and a billion other around the house uses. I bet you guys who been throwing away your bags so wrecklessly will think twice and woe the days you did such careless practices!!
In the words of the ever wise, immortal Al Bundy, "slowly but surely, our freedoms are being taken away from us," as he recanted about simpler times when you can park on the street for free while he was complaining about parking meters. This is so true. Why are we so docile and supersizely, ez-passly passive?? If this happened in France, they'd storm the capital and streets and demand change. Don't be surprised when they start putting meters on our homes and start charging for air.
Sidenote: I won't even bother supplying a link. If you don't know who Al Bundy is, well you need to. Congrats! You've waisted half your life away.

Sidernote: Actually looking back at it, the Bag Lady video was quite clever. The song is great, I just love the album version so much better. If you've seen her perform live you'll understand.....and if you can count how many times you've seen her perform, then you havent seen her enough.

Point of clarification: I was MADLY in love with Badu.....we were engaged in my imagination.....until I found out that her golden locks that fell down to her calve was a wig..... I always wondered when she revealed that she was bald, did all the women who she inspired to go natural, cut perms, and lose jobs and relationships over their locks cut them off too?

Monday, March 2, 2009

TOS: Facebook owns you. Get over it. Here's how.

Recent uproar has soared through the news, Internet and all other forms of media about a recent change in Facebooks Terms of Service agreement. For those of you who don't like to be bogged down with esoteric terms and legal jargon mumbo jumbo, its that loooooooooong notice that comes up before you sign up for an online service or install software, which you are supposed to read but instead, scroll to the bottom,click "yes".....and in doing so, legally state that you actually did read it.

Useful Reading:
Uproar about FB's TOS
"Facebook's terms of service (TOS) used to say that when you closed an account on their network, any rights they claimed to the original content you uploaded would expire. Not anymore."

"What does arbitration mean?"

Mark Zuckerberg's response

Now there are a number of reasons why I am not concerned, but to mention a few:

By definition, an agreement is a decision made in concert btwn 2 or more parties on a series of terms...........ok so maybe that's just my definition but I typed this on my blackberry one night btwn rem cycles when I couldnt sleep. LEMMELONE!!
Facebook and sites like it are mutually beneficial. A virtual database to serve as an addressbook for every possible social network you've ever been a part of with 1 click access to 1000's of ppl?? How much would it cost you to build and maintain a website that does half of what it does? I hope Algorhythm or any other experts can chime in here. And how many different sites would you need? Example. A friend of mine writes and draws a comic strip called "Justus" . And by me promoting his facebook group, in the last few months he's gained about 400+ new subscribers who recieve his updates/subscription to new comics.

Well since we're screwed, here's how you COULD HAVE saved your privacy and moving fwd.....I say could have bc you most likely have done most if not all of the following already:

sidenote: I absolutely refused to sign up for twitter and lattitude as soon as I heard about them.
-The cliche mantra, as old as time, "READ THE FINE PRINT." I hope you finally learned this. In the information age, we are long pass the era of "ignorance is bliss"....its actually quite lethal. You can plead a lot of things in court but ignorance is not one of em.
-Learn the meaning of the term "ARBITRATION." Too much to get into on that topic but I gave you a fine article on arbitration you should read....and more importantly understand.
-If you don't want anyone to know, don't post it!!!! The people who actually need to worry about this bc they're doing the shit the govt wants to track are smart enough not to have fb accounts. You think al queda or the mob operate on fb? Don't nobody in NSA, TSA, ATF, CIA, FBI, NORAT, LMNOP or da WEST SIIIIIIIIIIIDE give a fuck about who tagged you in their spring break southbeach album.

Sidenote: I figured out years ago the only way to keep a secret....IS NOT TO TELL ANYONE! For the hard hearing, that was "ANYONE." Everyone has at least 1-5 people they can trust to tell things and won't repeat it......except to THEIR 1-5 people they can trust to tell things and won't repeat it and they may have a totally different wheel of morality and ethics than you two do, but we digress.
-Please don't link accounts. "Hey use this finder thingy to find your friends in your email address book who's on fb!" "Link it to your im or email account". Okay! GREAT IDEA.......... Let's completely forget that fb is still a complete stranger who you just willingly gave away YOUR FRICKEN EMAIL SCREENNAME AND PASSWORDS TO!??? You think they deleted it???

Sidenote: the amount of ppl who use the exact same screen name for multiple accounts, including bank and credit info is scary....exact same password, even scarier.

Sidernote: Apparently Karen Phillips likes the new format of the "sidenotes"..........but wont leave a fricken comment IN the blog

Side side sidenote: Screw spell check!! I will stand my ground and spell "sidenote" as one word. I lost respect for this bastard language after 2005 when "bootylicious" got inducted into the dictionary.
-Don't install mobile aps. Hmmmm let's think. A website that tracks data and stats and imma install its software on my mobile phone device thingy? I don't see the point, you can go on fb from your smart phones web browser anyway. Why do I need an application? Which leads to my next point.....
-Stop adding applications. Aps were cool the first few times enticingly luring me in with things I like but the agreement just kept raising my eyebrow. Your basically given additional third parties (that is a company outside of facebook) the rights to use all your fb info. This is why I don't get the outcry, this has been right in our face all this time. Read bitches!!! READ!!!

sidenote: I considered hyperlinking the "read a book" video however, although I agree with its satirical message, I do not in no way shape or form condone the use of the "n" word whatsoever.......but so far Boondocks gets my only "pass" card.

-CC INFO?? I hope to God that you did not put in your credit card info into fb so you can buy stupid "gifts" or pay for "premium" superpokes ::shakes head::
-Don't get specific. Why are you posting your physical address to a virtual?
-Leave the important stuff vague. Basically the stuff that you can't find on any public record. For example, look at my "info," always was and will be
Employer: "one of those firms"
Political position "lesser of two evils"
Religion: "trust in God, but lock your car door"
Relationship status....NOT POSTED and will never be posted ever again (talk about unneccesary drama in the ex-files)

sidenote: what the EFF is "complicated" other than a conversation starter and a reason for ppl to bother and ask "what's so complicated?" REALLY!?

sidernote: My ex-coworker Tiffany (God bless her, I heart her so) could not understand why I had all my co-workers on limited profile....
There are ppl who've know about this for years. A friend of mine Nazinimod, poet/designer, told me years ago that he won't post pics of his clothing line on myspace bc their TOS basically said the same thing that you forfeit or rather consent some ownership of anything you post to myspace. Hence why I post my blogsite LINK in my status and not the actual blog through rss feeds so it appears as notes. Blogs are copyright protected to SOME extent but posting it through the fb application absolves, basically null, void and yields that to guess who? Besides, all the comments go on fb, not here :(

sidenote: Thank you all for your continued patronage, praise and compliments but is there some technical difficulties as to why the frick you don't leave your comments HERE and not on fb, gchat, aim or txt msgs?? I'm such a comment whore (hangs head low)
In conclusion, to all you ppl who say my blogs are too long, think about how much software you've installed and downloaded that had a TOS that you just scrolled to the bottom and clicked "agree" and didn't read bc they were "too longl?" I've been installing computer software for years and all TOS say the same give or take a few articles, clauses and esoteric rhetoric. Specifically (paraphrasing):
"...you also agree that we have and or can exercise the expressed written right and or privilege to can and or will change this TOS at any given point and or time in juncture with and or without notification......and or."
I'm no lawyer, but basically that sounds like your telling me to agree to an agreement and or contract that you can change whenever and or however you feel and I have no power to fight? AND OR?? Oh yeah, I'm really going to put the coordinates to my secret volcano lair on this web site MUAH HA HA HA HA!!!!

Relax, even if there really is this big brother element that you're so deathly afraid of knowing all about you, chances are they prolly already do :)


Another eyebrow raiser. FAMILY APPLICATIONS???? Why the hell are you calling out, listing and identifying all your family members on fb? We called that tattling or snitching. Don't wrap me up in third parties bc you're push button crazy!