Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Don't Count on the Mayans

[From the Blackberry Chronicles]

Sidenote: I'm way too much of a geek/nerd/dweeb to not post something on a date stamp of 12|12|12.

Its kind of funny that in lieu of Frankenstorm Sandy, hurricanes in the Northeast coast coupled with 63 degree weather in December, this Mayan end of the world prediction seems to be picking up quite some momentum under its sails. It seems everywhere I turn someone is referencing it. Regardless of the masses, I'm not necessarily losing sleep over it [the list of things I lose sleep over is sufficiently at capacity].

However, fanaticism is always good for the economy. Across the country our fellow countrymen are stockpiling arms/munitions, water, canned food, porn, gas and batteries for this eminently pending apocalypse that always seems to be JUST around the corner. Building bunker and compounds....yeah, bc we all remember how well bunkered compounds worked [cough! cough! ::WACKO texas::].

If I'm correct, I lived through the end of the world quite a handful of times before. Aside from living in Brooklyn in the 80's/90's [we didn't have a stadium back then, we jus had Crack], who remembers Y2K? The theory that an oversight in coding will send us to the stone ages, stop the power, water, launch the nukes, drop planes from the sky, harbor terrorists, wet your sock and salt the earth so that nothing may grow again.

If you were in Manhattan on 9/11/01, it felt like the world was going to end. Remember how everyone thought it was going to be the "Pearl Harbor" to a World War 3?......up until we waged war on a country that had nothing to do with it? Yeah, our allies reduced from the entire globe minus a handful of countries in the blast England, and a few countries no one could point out on a map. My favorite was the army of Moroccan land mine monkeys [wish I was creative enough to make that up!] And Uzbhakistan [not sure if they were, its just my favorite country names to say out loud].

I lived through 2 "Storms of the century" a year apart. Sad part is, ppl were talking BIG poopoo like "this storm aint shet! Ya ya ya! Evacuate for what?"........till they lost power and cable for 2-15 days. So your neighbors losing their homes, cars and thousands of dollars in flood damage didn't phase u....but take away power, premium channels and shit gets real. That ice cold shower humbled you the fuck up didn't it? Hell, some ppl only lost cable and wifi and lost they monkey ass mind.

That storm exposed NY for the frauds we are. We're not bout it bout it. We're not ready for some extinction level event. No book of Eli, "Revolution" and Mauri says the results are in:......You are NOT Legend! How you think you ready for the Zombie Apocalypse and you barely survived the Gas Apocalypse? Sandy had ppl in line for 12 hour shift, paying $10 and sucking penis for a gallon of regular. Craigslist was flooded with sex for gas adds, so I hope ppl realized it costs less time to drive to Connecticut and Jersey to fill up than waiting in line.

But on a more practical note, why am I not worried about 2012? Simple, my dad went on a cruise last year that stopped in Mehico where he toured some ruins. According to him, the locals laugh at us and this 2012 fiasco. Why? Bc the locals and tour guides have a different interpretation. Allegedly, the Mayans were so advanced in astrology and mathematics they made their calendars so far in advance, in intervals ranging from 500-1,000 years. Hmmmmm. What coincidence. Let's think here, does anyone have any ideas or clues as to what happened to the Mayans, say.....btwn 500 and 1000 yrs ago?????? OH YEAH! We wiped them the fuck out!!! So why does the calendar end, perhaps bc amongst the out breading, plagues and extermination, they were a little too preoccupied to get around to the next 500 yrs after 2012. So sorry, doesn't look they anticipated the whole, mass genocide thing or else I'm sure they would have factored in a longer calendar.

So is it a misinterpretation of the end of the Mayan calendar or truly the telling of the end of time? That's for you to decide now isn't it? Personally, I'm not canceling any trips, projects or plans for next year. [Disclaimer: Asshole Comment Ahead!] Besides, I really gotta question the validity of the prediction prowess of a civilization that thought men on horses where 2 headed gods/demons with four legs, and couldn't forecast their own demise and ultimately, extinction.

I'm a firm believer that when the end does come it will come "like a thief in the night."  Thieves don't announce their arrivals.  So live your life as if the end of the world was tomorrow.  How would you want to be remembered?  Would your conscious be cleared?  Are you content with the "YOU" up until this point?  If not, get to work.

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