Thursday, April 19, 2007

Why are women bigger cheaters than men?

Now that I got your attention, this is my devil’s advocate response to "why do guys always cheat?" (Fuel for the flames)

I actually wrote this in word and it came up to 2 pages, so I’ll sum it up in a paragraph and you can choose to read the rest at your leisure.

I believe, if not all, 90-95% of women cheat. I believe most single women (and some in relationships) have at least 4 men in her life:
1. The “Buddy”
2. The “Brain”
3. The “Sugar Daddy”
4. "TNT"
You can read or skip through the 4 types (and there's more, I'm just generalizing)
the real bread and butter is at the bottom under the page break, but I highly reccommend learning the 4 types. DUDES ESPECIALLY! So you can spot the signs and avoid falling into some of these traps.

1. The "buddy" - This is your sensitive/easy-going/good listening/always there to talk to/ shoulder to cry on/ Mr. Nice guy. You talk all the time, even go out, eat, chill, maybe even catch a movie. He cooks for you, his momma loves you. BUT you know damn well he has absolutely no shot in hell getting anything from you i.e. relationship, sex. The sad part is most times the guy likes, or worse, loves you. The cruel thing is, you probably know this. Even more f’d up is you probably talk to him in gross detail of your romantic/sexual escapades and how much your feeling someone else. No matter how hard he tries or how close he thinks he is, he will remain in the “friend zone” forever. FELLAS, BE WARE AND OPEN YOUR EYES IF YOU’RE IN THE FRIEND ZONE! MOVE ON bc you’re wasting your valuable time. – trust me, I’ve been there.

2. The “Intellect” AKA “The Brain”, “Mr. Sophisticated” – Women bore VERY easily and thus need mental stimulation as well. The buddy may sometimes be the same dude (women like to consolidate their shopping as much as possible, that’s why they sell accessories at shoe stores) so beware of double duty fellas. This is the guy who’s in school, graduated, in grad school, teaches at a university, won the apprentice or has an exciting job while your man works at BestBuy (no offense to anyone who works at bestbuy). You discuss everything from politics to globalization, to the nasdaq to the deregulation of telecom to Greys Anatomy, Heroes and 24. He listens to your poetry when your man and family could care less bc he writes poetry, listens to Smetna, Bach and Jay-Z. In this day and age with IM, facebook and text messaging, you probably even talk to him while your man is sitting right there next to you. His setback: you already have a man or either he’s not that attractive, too old, too young, too short, skinny, fat, (insert adjective here). Or maybe you did experiment with him sexually but he cant kiss, was wack or ill-equipped so you figured, you better off where you are. Same applies to #1.

3. “The Sugar Daddy” – Not all women will experience this luxury, but if you have, I say reap it! This is a dude who takes care of you financially and may not always want something in return (but let’s be real, most do). I never been one, I don’t understand this phenomena but hey, I’m not signing up for that course. If you need anything, he got you from food, to shoes, to rent and everything in between. Typically; an older dude more accomplished, more mature, secure with a “good job” (personally don’t believe the words good and job go together but that’s another conversation) has his own place, car and is financially stable or well off. Most times, some dumby you're beating in the head (the wrong one that is). Sad thing is, sometimes this dude has a girl. Evil thing is sometimes he has a wife and family but chooses to find happiness in pouring money into some young girl to see her happy. You may not have had your rent paid but a few dinners, movies and gifts qualify. His set back: See #2

4. The last category has several names. I’ll refer to him as “TNT.” Usually, when I find a girl in a destructive, abusive, imbalance relationship and I ask why are they trying so hard to make this work (remember, I used to be a 1 and a 2 and 4 so I'm speaking first hand) it usually boils down to two things: The Tongue or the Tool and God forbid the dude has both – TNT is dangerous and women are attracted somewhat to that dangerous element. The sad thing, women will put up with verbal, emotional even physical abuse that much longer with a TNT dude. The evil thing about it, TNT dudes know this and tend to be assholes, arrogant and could care less. WHY IS THAT? It is much harder for women to find good sex and head than guys. A guy can make himself cum in 3 minutes or less. No matter how bad the sex is, it always has a happy ending. Most women have had more wack sex than good and I know women from their mid 20’s to early 30’s who have never climaxed (which is partially the woman’s fault for not knowing her own body but that’s another conversation). So when a woman finds good TNT (or one of the two) she will hold on to that bronco for dear life. He could have no job, 3 baby mommas, a rapsheet a mile long, never take her out anywhere or spend one cent, drop out the 3rd grade and slap her momma. And the girls response is “What did you do momma!!?” His setback, he’s an asshole, broke, unstable dangerous or all of #2

If you read all of my brain fart, here’s the real bread and butter;

That breaks down to at least 4 guys in her life and she's cheating on all of them. She's satisfies her emotions, her mind, her finance and body, but not necessarily with the same person. If you're in a commitment but satisfy your needs elsewhere, is that not cheating?

Women always say guys cheat, and by cheat we mean sex right? “All they want is sex.” DUH!! Did you just figure this out? Were you born this size? I’m in no way advocating cheating, but I love to argue (it pisses my girl off like you wouldn’t believe).
If it’s wrong for guys to have sex with other women while their in a relationship, is it okay for a woman to go out with, go to dinner with, confide with, have someone spend $$ on her, sleep in the same bed as, “snuggle/spoon,” kiss, get head or all other things outside of sex with another man?

Bottom line, ppl cheat bc something is lacking. Whether its physical, emotional or mental are you doing your best to keep your mate happy? But then some people are fucked up and just have to fuck around so get to know the person before you start having sex and saying "I love you." IF SOMEONE COULD CHEAT ON HALLE BERRY, then no one is safe lol...


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preach my brother preach. After being all 4 at some point in my life, I can see why women cheat. They cheat because they want something more. Something diffrent and its rare that they find all they need in one dude. Damn shame but that's how it is.