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Staying Motivated in the Gym.......Part 2

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Terron Andrews wrote
"Any advice on how to get my 6 Pack back? i play football 3 times a week im fit but just cant seem to get my 6 Pack back in shape."

My $0.02...............

The biggest oversight in fitness is that six-packs and weight loss occur in the KITCHEN, not the gym. This leads to the misconception that you can just pound a bunch of crunches and get a six pack. WRONG!!

Things you need to eat a lot of and a few tips. The following is for serious ppl with serious goals. Curious, feel free to proceed:

-NEVER EVER EVER EVER MISS BREAKFAST. Even if its just juice and something small to snack on, I don't care, DONT MISS BREAKFAST. Wanna know why? Try going 8 hours a day without anything to eat or drink. Now when you hit the 8 hr mark, see how much longer you can go without anything before you feel a certain ways. Most mornings I have a bowl of instant oatmeal and a mix up protein shake. However, any form of eggs in the morning is a good source of protein, ideally on some whole grain, multi-grain or whole wheat bread (white bread is the devil). Whole grain cereal and yogurts are good. Fruit. Switch it up. The same thing everyday is not healthy.....believe it or not.

-Instead of eating 3 times a day, eat 3 small meals and have 2-4 snacks throughout the day. Keep around a jar of trailmix, peanuts, almonds, fruits, baby carrots, yogurt, oatmeal....anything that's too small to be a meal but can satisfy hunger cravings (I'm a big fan of peanut butter). WHY? bc eating smaller meals more frequently speeds up your metabolism. People who are naturally slim have faster metabolisms. Who can speed up their metabolism? ANYONE!!! Isn't that goodnews?

-heres a key weightloss trick. EAT FROM SMALLER PLATES. WHY? Using a large plate subconsciously convinces your mind to eat WAY more than you need and compels you to finish gargantuan proportions far after you're already full. Eat when your hungry, stop when ur full.

-Eat lots of whole grain and whole wheat. WHY? They put your stomach and intestines to work and help to keep your system running "regular" and flush impurities.

- you need a high fiber diet lots of fruits and plenty vegetables. as a rule of thumb at least 1/3 of my plate for all meals has to be green. Works well for me.

-DRINK LOTS OF WATER!! WHY? Your body is 70% water.......... you think water is important? A gallon/ 8 glasses a day or more. coffee, tea, protein shakes count towards it. Not juices OR soda, which leads to my next point

-avoid drinking high caloric drinks.

-avoid sodas or any carbonated drinks

-HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP IS THE DEVIL. artificial sugars (sweet n low, splendor, etc) are even worse. they both have addictive agents and create a dependency. ever notice when you have one sweet you get cravings for more?

-Pay close attention to nutrition facts. even though they say "150 cal per serving" keep in mind the average bottle has 2-3 servings. You just subconsciously added 400+ calories to your meal.

-do not drink fluids 40 mins before or after meals (see previous point)...wait for the "why" after this next point.

- avoid cooking with and adding excess salt to your food (in conjunction with last point). salt absorbs fluids and causes water retention and bloating in your body. The problem with that water build up is you really have no control of that distribution or where that excess retained water weight goes. Now here's the part where someone says "well I dont really cook with salt"..... Well unless you live on a farm, don't season your food, and you don't live in America, damn near most foods have salt in it. Remember the big fuss about that whole slavery thing?

-drink at least 16 ounces of water first thing in the morning. imagine how you would feel if you worked 8 hrs straight with nothing to drink. Here's a tip, drink 16 ounces before bed and I promise you'll get up in the morning.......[giggity!]

-reduce foods high in carbs, sugar and fats. Even though your body needs these things, they can be detrimental to your physique in excess (key word so far is "excess")

-make sure you're getting a good amount of "GOOD FAT" omega-3, omega-6 typically in vegetables, peanuts, peanut butter, gel capsules, fish...etc.. lookitup. Good fat enriched with good cholesterol helps lower your BAD cholesterol. High cholesterol is not the problem, high BAD cholesterol is.

-avoid white bread, rice and potatoes. for some reason they bleach wheat and rice, which kills all nutritional content. Then most bread will add chemical nutrients (under the name of "enriched"). However, the temperature needed to bake bread kills the added nutrients thus canceling them out.

Here's a tough one even for me and one I admittedly struggled with.
You cant have a six pack if you drink large amounts of alcohol and beer. I Drastically decreased the amount i drink, but since I still DO on social occasions, this is what keeps me at a "5 pack" (4 on top and just one on the bottom). I've come to realize that the "Elusive 8 pack" is an anatomic variable and something you either have or don't. I know ppl who work way less on themselves and have 8 when at peak condition I have 6... but I havent given up yet.....and I digress...

Amongst other calamities such as calories, fats and sugars, alcohol dehydrates the body (a major cause of hangovers) and I hope we established how important water is to muscle, skin cells and everything on your body. Whats probably most detrimental is that alcohol slows down protein synthesis in the body and protein is the fundamental building block of muscle production, development and growth. When I went to Trinidad carnival last year, I ate and drank like a viking and I should show you guys a side by side comparison of my abs carnival tues morning compared to the end of the day... or worse, the next day lol!!

Tune in to the Climactic Trilogy Epic finale in.............Staying Motivated in the Gym..........Part 3

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