Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Why I hate Myspace Part 1

Ok, I just checked myspace for the first time in like..........months, and reminded myself of all the reasons why I hate going on there. Was about to write about it, but looks like i did that over a year ago. Some of these still stand and I have a few more. Until I compose my current thoughts, feed off of some 2007 'R.' Happy New year you all!!

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p.s. 1 mont, 16 days 22 hours, 53 minutes, 10 seconds till carnival!!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I finally come back and MYSPACE still sucks!
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Those of you who know me, may notice I never leave comments, reply to messages or put html on your page. I've been on myspace for over 3 years now (give or take) and nothing seems to change except things just get worse and worse. Everytime I try to send a message, leave a comment, reply to a messsage, this annoying site crashes.

After deletings all the friend requests from 73 "Webcam girl's," MC So n So, DJ Skratch n Sniff, Band #45,345,689.05, and declining invites from "My man's an nem" Promoters, I usually try respond to messages. If you haven't heard from me, please know that it's because I probably speant 5-10 minutes writing you a really nice letter/note and when I tried to send it my pc freezes or crashes and I get so annoyed I don't sign on for another two to three weeks or months. Typically it's one of these messages:

"Sorry, we can't do that right now"
"Sorry, you can't leave comment until the next quarter moon"
"Sorry, our system is being hacked - I mean, we're doing maintance"
"Sorry, you can't recieve pictures, see comments, press enter, use the delete key or adjust your top 24 until 3am pacific time.

SIDENOTE! My friend is a designer and he took his work down bc he told me in the agreement (that none of us read and just clicked "accept") is says anything you post, you basically surrender the rightst and ownership to. Can someone confirm this?

Am I the only one on this thing who's never been hacked? Why am I getting all these comments about "Male Medicine" (I'll leave it at that) ringtones and trips to disneyland from strangers and ppl I know? Don't they show the image that warns you, "Make sure when you re-login it has the myspace url at the top" It even points this out if you're paying attention. Sorry if I sound a little insensitive but the reason most ppl get hacked is bc they have 8 accounts online and use the same password and email for all of em dummy! Switch it up ppl if someone hacks your myspace and you have the same password and name for your email, checking, and credit card, you may be in trouble.

Quit crying if you're not in my top list, I'm just too lazy/busy to change it all the time. 24 out of 900+ is a tough choice, give me a break! And after 3 years, I can't recognize half of you bc you change your name and your pic EVERYDAY!! You know how confusing that is? I have some great friends I met/found and I have no idea where they are anymore. You aint no car or anime character. How are ppl supposed to find you?

Everyone one in the real world teases me about my name BUT YOU REMEMBER IT DONT YOU? DONT YOU? HA!! And it's been the same since I opened my account. AND FOR THE LAST TIME, I LIKE THE COLOR ORANGE, NOT THE FRUIT. THAT WOULD BE "GUY WHO LIKES ORANGES" LEARN TO READ. Stop asking, that joke got old 400 times ago.

SIDENOTE: My user name btw has always been, is and forever will be "Guy who likes Orange"

On the bright side, I'm thankful for all the ppl from highshool, junior high and other places that I've gotten in touch with. I'm thankful for all the ppl that I met on myspace that have become good friends to me. Keep in touch and thanks for listening to me vent my $0.02.......now let me copy this and save ithis before I hit "post," bc if I lose all this typing, I'll probably be so pissed, it'll be another month to a year before I attempt this horrible site again and then this will be longer and more MA-17.

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