Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"The Obama-Boomers"

A friend of mine wrote about an interesting convo about progress in this country. The question was,
"How long will it be until people are truly colorblind?"
One person said "never" while my pal Justin replied "25-50 yrs." I agree with Justin's hypothesis.
For a more obvious and dumb reason, first of all, in 25-50 yrs, most ppl who were over the age of 7 during the 60's (the the height of racial tension in this country)will be long gone and dead. So will all the other adults who were set in their ways at the time. These are the extreme racists.
Sidenote: They call "7" the age of reason or the age of awareness. Usually by that age a child has their foundation of morality and has some perception of right or wrong. Adolf Hitler once said, "give me a child until the age of 7 and I will have them for the rest of their life."

Side Sidenote: I don't normally make it a point to go around quoting Hitler if it's not germane to this point, so put away your pick axes, torches and cancel whatever calls and emails you were about to send. Find me a relevant quote pertinent to that particular topic and I'll retire Adolf.
Second, this election wasn't won off of race it was won on age. A new more tolerable acceptable generation is rising to political consciousness. Unfortunately most of the power holders today are in the first category. In 25-50 years, that will shift.

Third, over the last 15 yrs, interracial marriage, dating, breeding has become so commonplace and will only continue to proliferate exponentially. In 25-50 years, there may not be any minorities, not to mentions you'll be hard pressed to find anyone 100% let alone 50% any one ethnicity. We will have become a nation of hybrid muts.

Lastly, we have an 8 yr window of the Obama generation. Basically every baby born in the last 4 years and the next 4 will associate the thought "black man" synonymous with the thought of "American President." Do you realize how profound that is??? Not to mention any child born this day on, can no longer really see black men as inferior or unequal if we've had a black president (sans the exploitation).

Think about when you were 5, 6, 7, 8 yrs old. Other than Santa, Easter Bunny and Mickey Mouse (Huh HA!) there was no icon higher than a former American president. Remember all the stories we heard about George Washington, Lincoln, Ford, and Jefferson. I remember I was 8 in '88, when 1st Bush was elected president I was so lost. All I knew for 8 yrs up until that point was Ronald Reagan when anyone mentioned "president." Why is he leaving?! Why were we changing?

The baby boomers shifted and control the world today. Imagine what the Obama-Boomers are going to do?

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short grumpy girl said...

8 years? let's not get too excited right away