Tuesday, November 24, 2009

People who need to stay the hell away from Black Friday

It's this time again. To some ppl, black friday is the only day they shop. It's the day Jesus and Moses tag teams in a match against departments stores nationwide. You've cleared space on your card all year for this one day. You've watched a 13" black and white tube TV with bunny ears all year waiting for this. I first heard of Black Friday around 2005. My lady at the time raved about this and even left our bed at 1, or 2am to go camp with some friends.........awaiting the stores 5am opening. When invited, I said "I'm good."
Sidenote: At first I thought, "what kinda racist sh.." but then I remembered, finance is one institution when "black" has always been a good thing. [MESSAGE!!!]
The following year I participated, regrettably, for the first and probably last time. Despite the range of age and background, the feverish fervor felt like I was amidst adolescent girls on line for free Jonas Brothers tickets. Some people really need to get priorities in order. The same ppl I hear complaining about money all the time are always the first to bring up black friday.
I couldn't help think, "why in tarnations am I in this debauchery?" I wish someone had better advised me with such a list:
Sidenote: These are merely suggestions and friendly recommendations with some well intentional humor. Adults will do, what adults will do.
People who need to stay the hell away from Black Friday
-People who hate cold weather (warm states need not apply)
-People who hate lines and crowds
-People with short tempers and tendencies of aggravated assault.
-People who have not played high school, college, and or professional football. You will get "pushed," real talk.
-Fathers who haven't seen their children in over a month and are behind in child support
-People who are unemployed and do not know where your next check is coming from
-People who's credit score dropped this year
-People who will not receive any return or investment on their purchases
.....which applies to most ppl
-People who are past due or over drafted in other accounts, bills and credit cards

-People who have more collective debt than the amount they have set aside to spend on Black Friday
-People who owe other ppl money. Forget the banks, where's my money? I'm not FDIC insured! (seriously, I know ppl who owe me money and are buying new shit and travelling the world. WTF!!?)
-People who use the excuse "I'm saving on my christmas gifts" yet everything you buy is for yourself. Kinda like the stripper with the corvette who claims they dance to get through college......

And most importantly, ppl who don't intend to pay in cash or have anything higher than a 0.00% apr.

I joke a lot, but I know ppl who seriously dig themselves into serious financial holes off of this one day. Yes, this one day puts many companies in the black, but it puts many PEOPLE in the red. And you wonder why everyone's new years resolution is to do better with money. Depending on what your apr is, the interest of buying in bulk may offset whatever it is you saved.

One thing I've learned about technology is that something better always comes and the prices only go down. Buying good electronics requires the attention and patients of fishing or hunting. How many times have you researched a computer, camera, phone etc. and when you finally bought it, you found it much cheaper a week later?
Sidenote: Golden rule, once you've purchased, stop looking. Prices will only disappoint you.
Time is money. How much do you value your time? Is waiting 4 hours in the cold and wrestling with the consumers most savage worth saving $50 or getting a 50" bigger tv for the same price as a 40"? Here are the two most important questions:
  • Do I ABSOLUTELY need this [insert item you're looking to purchase here] RIGHT NOW?
  • What is the MOST VALUABLE usage of my money RIGHT NOW?
I don't remember anything from my 12th grade economics class, not even the teachers name, except for this one quote, that has served me well.
"The costliest thing I ever purchased was something inexpensive that I didn't need"
-Mark Twain.
Best economics lesson ever!!

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