Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Sidenote: When I used to teach, in my Drama/Spoken Word/Creative writing class I made up an assignment where students wrote a letter to a season.....years before Jay-Z wrote dear summer. In lieu of my nostalgia in front of the kids, I bring you, "Dear Fall"

Sidernote: I seriously need to consider copyrighting the "sidenote." It's proliferation is running rampant throughout the land.
"Dear fall.........EFF YOU!!

After a long hiatus, 3 months to be exact, The RrChitect is back. When last we left off, our hero was amidst a month long birthday celebration, and as dire as I predicted, it was a perfect birthday, weekend and month.............................................

Then you came. With your decrepit wench of a friend named September!

With the exception of a couple birthdays of a few friends, nothing good ever comes out of the month of September. Perhaps I've always taken a personal view. For 29 years you've marked the end of my birthday season and I didn't quite appreciate that. The harbinger of cold and death. Your arrival took away my ice cream trucks, beach trips, long days and warm weather. I now have to wash all the sweaters I hid away in the closets to replace my shorts, swim trunks and tank tops in my drawers. I now have to tactically strategize on when I can and will wash my hair so I don't get sick. For a good 20 yrs you always herald the accursed "back to school" season. And for many years, on the other side of the classroom, you ended my vacation and brought me students who were hand picked by karma to pay me back for the carnage I inflicted on my teachers.

I read once that the third quarter reporting in business always takes a dip (theory is that ppl are laxed, go on vacation or not as focused or aggressive in the summer months). Everyone will forever remember where they were and exactly what they did on september 11th 2001. If you're in finance, you will remember 2008's september [tee hee! that rhymes!]. I know ppl who went home one day and by the time they got home, not thier job, THEIR COMPANY didn't exist!!

For all fall enthusiasts and all the zodiac signs in this season that I can never remember, nothing personal, but Eff the fall. The fall and I have beef.

Alas, there is some promise in you after all. The abundance of orange hues throughout the land. I completely forgot about season premieres, but those are cool too. I retired sitcoms years ago and the ones I watch, I get from..........website movie rental thingy-ma-bob.... The world series, big plus for us Yankee fans. Moder Warfare 2, we really appreciated that. You're lucky I have such an immaculate scarf collection that I love to sport. So for now, I'll spare you....until I find a suitable way to destroy you. You're like that one friend in the crew that I personally can't stand, but tolerate bc everyone else seems to like and get a long with them.

Worse Regards,
The RrChitect

Sidenote: I would like to thank my recent trip to the Nuyorican Poets Cafe for the refill in my creative writers tank. Also, http://www.willeyelisten.com , my new blog that I follow.

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Camille said...

Joy to my day co worker. I especially appreciate you adding on the reasons to appreciate September, even though I too am not happy about the fall's unwelcome arrival. Any-hoo, I too thank Nuyorican Poets cafe. I better see you n your collection of scarves sometime soon.