Saturday, March 21, 2009

The wisest, realest thing I ever .......... copied

I rarely to never do this, but I was reading a commentary in an article that I absolutely had to share.

You ever sign into AIM and the homepage opens in a browser with a billion little articles. I periodically start a web session with a few of these links that pique my interest. So I'm reading this article entitled: "

15 Kinds of Bad Girls...Readers' Picks" aka "Women Men Despise."

Valuable lessons for women. Brilliantly composed of articles the readers submitted. A festive read, some of em are generalized crap, many are really good, but the real gold in this mine is #13. So much so that I stopped to come and tell you all about it. I loved it so much that I decided to copy it verbatim and share with you all. Glorious lesson on life. This can be applied to both women AND men. I know quite a few guys guilty of this too......but moreso women :-p
Courtesy of:
She's Too Busy Looking for Mr. Perfect

So many women are looking for Mr. Perfect. Here is a story about looking for perfection. A woman was driving down the highway, and since she had been driving all day, she was hungry. She started to look for a restaurant to have dinner, but could not find a restaurant she liked. One was too big (slow service). One was too commercial (quality?). One was too out of the way. One had too many semi-trucks parked around it (country Western). One had an empty parking lot. She looked and looked until she was so hungry she decided to eat at the next restaurant she saw. She drove up, walked to the front door and saw the sign: CLOSED! The moral is that people looking for perfection seldom find it. --STEALTH694
Thank you "Stealth 694" for this golden pearl of wisdom!!!

Sidenote: "Golden" and "pearl" don't exactly make much sense does it? Nor would, perhaps, "golden gem?" No? No good? Golden marble......golden pea...bean, seed??? I think I like seed. No way am I about to call any other spherical object "golden." Yall figure that one out on your way home.

Sidernote: ".........................OOOOOOOOOOOH I get it! He meant golden "balls" eeeeeeeeew! Thats groooooooooosssssssss.

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that article is mostly crap! lol.