Saturday, March 14, 2009

The UBER-est Nerdy-esque thing ever!!!

OMG!! I read this on someone's status and I had to look this up to confirm it. Today is actually "Pi" day....did ya know that?? I mean 3.1459xyzlmnopdpg's ova on da wesSIIIIIIIIIDE!!!!

........OOOOOOOOH I get it!!!..heh...heh..because it's March 14th today..heh.....and March is the "3rd" month of the year...thats numerically that would be 3-14! cleverrrrrrrrrrr?!!!??? I wonder who's the pocket protector that came up this poppycock? Seriously! How many times must your milk money be stolen at lunch and your homework copied for you to say "when I grow up I'm going to make a day dedicated to the honor and glory of Pi!!!?" How many times have you had a family, school, job or medical crissis.................that was solved by the numeric medicinal prowess of PI!!!!??? I will investigate the significance of this cult-like phenomena with the number and report on my findings on a latter day.

And apparently this is the 21st year it's been celebrated too. I don't know what's more fascinating. The fact that someone came up with this holiday, the fact that there's and organization and website with shops and ideas to celebrate dedicated to it, there are hords of ppl who celebrate.....or that fact that I've never heard of this before. Hilarious!!
Sidenote/Disclaimer: We at The Rrchitect would like to apologize to all Pi and Pi day fanatics and enthusiasts who may have been offended by the comments in this expressed written brain fart. In the event of such said offense, we highly encourage that you engage in the following activities: either grow a pair, hold it the eff down or laugh it off as humorous.....which is the sole intent of the jest.

Sidernote:.....Yeah, so that was not so much of an apology. It's My $0.02 damnit! I find it funny. Laugh with me :)

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Lyrical Laureate said...

i am enjoying every solitary blog post in reverse order starting from the current date, to this post and beyond. VERY enjoyable, humorous and insightful reads.