Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happiness is restored throughout the land!!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, it pleases me to announce..................AVG has continued their free anti-virus software!!!!!!!

Previously on "My $0.02"...............Signs that the sky is falling #3 (no more slacking on my journalistic duties!)

After consulting one of my tech ppl (or rather, more tech-ER than me), reading a press release and downloading the latest version, it appears that the company IS continuing the free service for the upgrade. There is a version to purchase but a free version of the latest software with all the virus, spyware, malware Tupperware and Delaware protection included.

So check it out at

Great to see somethings staying the same. Whether it was public outcry (exposing exposays do work), or corporate integrity, the sky does not appear to be falling this day :)

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