Friday, August 14, 2009

Terror Alert Level: ORANGE [From the Blackberry Chronicles]

Sidenote such a double entendre, other than the fact that I think the terror alert system is bafoonic, orange is my favorite color. [TEEHEE!!]
Sidernote: I grew up in and still live in Flatbush brooklyn (east flatnbush if u MUST be technical). My terror alert stays in orange. I get out of bed in yellow, orange depending on where I spend the night.
I am truly paranoid, borderline terrified about my bday landing on a weekend this year. I wasn't joking. Do your research on august 15t landing on a weekend and cross reference the weather. All the things I mentioned are 100% true.
So what am I so paranoid about now? Has anyone ever noticed that almost every movie when there's a black president the world witnesses some near cataclysmic extinction level event? "Fifth Element" - Black president. Deep impact - Black president. 24 - Black presidentS!! [now I don't watch 24 or any show for that matter that requires a crack-like addiction unless its a box set of the series, but all I know about 24 is: Jack Bauer rocks! The presidents are black, and every day the world or at least America is almost destroyed.]

So what makes this birthday any different? We actually have a black president!!!!! Last night rained on day one but it looks like clear sky's for two days. We'll see....
Sidenote: If you ever planned an event, you understand what a nightmare it can be, so imagine planning 3 events back to back? It doesn't surprise me bc two things I love to do is party and plan/organize things........but you'd never guess that if you saw my bedroom.
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