Thursday, May 13, 2010

It's the MOST wonderful time...OF THE YEAR!!!

This is something you'd have to live in the northeast to appreciate. There's nothing like a stroke of warm weather to bring the nakedness out. Some ungrateful ppl in the west and down south, or wherever its relatively warm year long, tend to take these things for granted. Its not uncommon to see someone in Georgia or Florida wearing sweats on an 80 degree day. But here in New York...................the weather breaks 50..............AND WOMEN LOSE THEIR MIND!!! Fellas, I swear the best thing to do in the spring is eat at a street-side venue, get a drink and just enjoy the city in panoramic true HD [HOT DAMN!!]

It's that time to pack away all your sweaters and replace em with shorts, dresses, skirts, capris, halter tops, V-necks (which really should be renamed "v-chests" or "v-bellies" bc dem tings does cut RELLLLLL low my friend) and whatever accessories of nekkedness you put on to...."feel cooler." Don't get me started on what they wear to the clubs and bars. Coat check season is over!! Its like Christmas eve, watching your tree with NO wrapping paper on any of the gifts. We salute you! Peek-toe, open toe, sandals and for the life of me, I cant understand......BOOTS!? Isn't shorts and boots a blaring contradiction? Not talking FMB's but full blown Uggs, Ugg-like winter boots. I shrug and keep it moving. Some of my more dignified, primadonna friends will write women off for this. The nekked gallivanting has been temporarily delayed due to a spurt of cold weather. However, just as the warrior on the cusp of battle fills with anticipation, when it resumes, the nekkedness shall ensue with an even heightened vengeance.

So go on ladies. Do whatever you gotta do to "endure the heat." But seek guidance and wisdom of your trusted fashion council bc nekkedness is NOT always a good thing. Don't mess around and catch yourself on for the wrong reasons. I will get my popcorn and enjoy from the skybox (sunglasses are a wonderful thing). Behave gentlemen, its still not a license to misbehave.............but damnit I got a permit to watch.

This has been a moment of pure and unadulterated female adoration with The RrChitect :)

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