Tuesday, May 11, 2010

More BBM Woes

CAN'T make this up.

So the primary culprit who inspired me to write "PSA: DEATH TO BBM CHAIN MAIL!!!" sent me yet another bogus nonsensical message to which I replied "THATS IT!!!" and she laughed at me about it. Claiming I need to "relax and calm down." I did..............so I calmly and laxly deleted her from my bbm list.

We go back years. I still have her number email and other contacts........just not bbm. Upon realization, she txt's me to inform me that we're not friends anymore and I should delete her number and not talk to her ever again. I can't help laugh at all this....as I keep reminding her that she needs to "relax, calm down." PERHAPS, I could be insensitive about this, but my mind can't wrap around the concept of this being serious. It's like I'm waiting for a "PSYCHE!," a "May fools," or something. Is it just me or does anyone get the feeling sometimes like Ashton Kutcher or some celeb is going to pop up any minute and point out the hidden camera?

I could understand if someone deleted my number, but this isn't the first bbm, facebook, msn or aim contact I deleted. Like I said before, some ppl are better for phone calls and txt msgs. I deleted several ppl bc I didn't like interacting with them on a certain platform but preferred others. Some ppl I just get a long better by phone and there are super close friends who probably never hear my voice (shout outs to bbm and unlimited txt plans). Is it really that serious? Will the phone call become the new snail mail?

Would you be pissed and write off a friendship if someone deleted you?


EnabledOne said...

I feel like situations like this don't necessarily boil down to who's right and who's wrong, or what's okay and not okay to overreact to...but it really comes down to respecting people's pet peeves and irritations. We all have certain things that don't necessarily make that much sense to be bothered about, but we just can't help getting really upset over. When you make the choice to get close to someone whether it's becoming their friend, or SO you have to sometimes roll with those things that make no sense to you in order to keep the peace...in other words, not concentrate on how insignificant is it to you, but how significant it is to them. After all, if you care about someone the over all objective should be finding a way to make it work instead of looking for the easy way out. However, if you and the other person clash on opposing issues that you both feel very strongly about, sometimes you do need some separation to ensure individual happiness.

So in conclusion, your friend should respect how you feel about bbm chain mail and if she feels that strongly about being able to send those messages...then maybe it is to her own benefit to not have you as a bbm friend so she can do as she pleases.

And phone calls are great btw...you get to know someone 100x better by actually talking to them than just texting someone whenever you feel it's convenient.

Seems as if I wrote a novel, lol.

R said...

But its okay bc its all welcomed insight. You're right about the right or wrong perspective, perhaps a better question would have been "what are your views on the matter?"

Good give n take strategy. Some people are more take-ative (i myself guilty at times) and fail to see this way. I completely agree your points on significance.


NSBE Canada Alumni said...

YES - I would feel very hurt if I had a BB and you deleted me . . . LOL

No, I wouldn't feel hurt . . . I may initially kiss my teeth, shrug my shoulders, and then be inquisitive to wonder why I was removed. If you are really that significant in my life - so to speak - then I won't care and just keep it moving. If you are significant in my life, I would simply ask you. I have had friends that have removed me from FB, but they have also told me why and there was no malice involved and we're cool and still strong friends.

Now, if I done told you already on more than 1 occasion about a particular pet peeve that annoys the hell out of me and you continue to do so via whatever comumunication channels, then yes - "dem need fi get bun 1 time"! Cannot stand it and irritates my soul! Why continue to do something that you know I don't care for? At that point, you deserve to get cut from whichever communication channel we frequently chat on.

Yes, I know many people who do take offence to being deleted and they truly feel it's a slap to the face; however if it really took me deleting you to end a friendship over . . . .really and truly - how significant and strong that friendship was in the first place?? I've realized over time, that my true circle of friends have gotten smaller and smaller and in turn, I have no patience for dotishness and foolishness.

That being said - as you mentioned, I do have several close friends that we only seem to chat and catch up via text, and only talk on the phone every other month or so, just to remember how our voices sound like - LOL. Or there are my U.S./INTL friends that economically/financially, it just makes sense for me text/email them . . . unless it's their birthday, then I'll actually pick up phone and give my heartfelt wishes and blessings. Other friends it is better to just talk on the phone with them and I forever have long conversations.

I probably went off tangent for a bit and grammar is probably not there (as I tend to write how I talk) but those are my thoughts!

- CJ

R said...

The funny thing to me is, this is not the first person i deleted from bbm or deleted me. The initial reaction is "Oh word?!" and then we got over it. It takes a lot for me to do that so its usually understood.

I told another deletee about the story and she asked "what took you so long?"