Friday, May 14, 2010

Favorite Song in the World Right Now: Easy Access - Busy Signal


One of my guilty pleasures is pure ignorant obscene and vulgar music. It absolutely fascinates me that:
A - some ppl can think to make certain songs
B - they have friends and colleagues who say "hey that's a good idea"
C - labels who will pay for and produce it
D - ppl who will actually pay to obtain this music
E- there are radio stations and outlets that will play it

I am admittedly the Jack Sparrow of music, but hey, I see it as commonplace as nudity in art. I think theres a place for everything so I'm very long as i can dance to it sun!!

Saying all this to say:
A - don't judge me
B - the following song is not safe for work or to play around parents or mild mannered citizens.

I swear there's a cold war going on in Jamaica to see who can make the most obscene vulgar songs. No wonder Jamaica issued a ban about a year ago on obscenities on radio and TV. About time, hell you can go to jail in any other island for cursing on stage. Ask DMX. Other notable Busy Signal classics of equal, lesser or greater vulgarity:

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