Monday, February 2, 2009

Bloggers Block

Of all my handicaps, I must say one is inconsistency. I tend to fluctuate amongst so many things that something always gets procrastinated. I'm probably one of history's greatest procrastinators. I say this bc I've mastered to art of productive procrastination. Here's how. When I do something, I go hard [giggity] so much so that it perpetuates for a long time. The residual affect is I appear productive even when I'm not working. I learn this from exercise (here he go again). People always tell me they need to burn calories, they need to burn you dont. You need to build muscle. Why? Not only does it speed up your metabolism (which is really what you want to do or else all the fat you lose will come right back) muscle burns fat EVEN when you're not doing anything. Not to mention the exercises to build muscle burns fat ANYWAY, but that's another conversation.

note to self....future blog..."the art of procrastination."

The irony I find is that I got so many complaints about my blogs being too long, then I get even more complaints about not blogging enough. Hence, do what you want to do in life bc either way you'll piss off and please ppl, so you may as well do what makes you happy.

So why the hiatus? I'm a travel whore. In the last 30 days I been to Jersey, Stonybrook Long Island, Boston, Toronto and Cybertron (shout outs to Transformers fans), and I'll be outtatown every weekend this month culminated in Trinidad Carnival.......... CYAN WAIT!!!!!!!

Needless to fear, I've been blogging via my notes application on my crackberry so soon as I transfer them I'll copy and post them, so expect like 3-8 blogs to be posted all at once.

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