Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Diary of a Mad Pack Rat: Part 2...the flashbacks

Previously, in Diary of a Mad Pack Rat

After admitting to be a pack rat....albeit a recovering one....................

My rules for donating/letting go of clothes:

I don't care how much I loved it in high school or college or whatever, If I haven't worn it in 2 yrs i prolly wont. There are tons of ppl who will prolly want or need it more than I do.
If I know that this is not my style anymore, I don't wear it.
I'm not Kriss Kross or MC Hammer. Funny thing is, I've gotten bigger as I aged, yet my clothes from 4-6 years ago are too big for me?? And in another ironic note of jest, all the clothes I didn't like bc they were "too small," now fit just fine? What was it with the 90's and RIDICulously baggy clothing?!!!! No more rolling the pant leg or rolling up the sleeves, I'm grown, I know my sizes, my clothes are fitted.
How many of the same color do I need? (And I know somewhere out there there's a female who will argue tooth and nail on each point and somehow make an argument that seems to make sense).

Childhood memory junk flashbacks - The stuff that's hard to let go:

Lunch tickets. If you went to NYC public schools and either your household income was in a certain range.....or you forged one....or only claimed a certain amount, you know that you're lifeline of sustenance was the cafeteria lunch ticket. You used it to get that free lunch which everyone thought they were too cool to eat, but EFF YOU, bc that free lunch was DELICIOUS!! OR, on days when your paper was low, you'd hustle those tickets for some pocket money for other more important things (jansport strings, comic books, the candy shop or "cake line".........that ironically never sold cake). The benefit is then you had money to buy a milk and one of those 3-pack of cookies that for the life of me I can't recall the name (forget butter crunch and oatmeal, my favorite was always chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies). SIGH!!
JANSPORT STRINGS!! I had to mention this for kicks and giggles, but no way in hell I could bring myself to throw these out. I don't know about other cities, but in Brooklyn, early 90's, there were no bigger trend than the lanyard strings ppl tied onto the Jansport backpack zippers. It was so hot, I steered clear of it for the first 3 years until I was old enough and had enough clientele to wear them safely. For these ridiculous strings, ppl got robbed, chased, beat down, sliced, stabbed, shot and in few extreme circumstances killed. Don't believe me, just ask someone who grew up in BK early 90's. I had to fight, run and do a host of other things to collect and keep my strings (including burn the knots and tips so ppl couldn't untie and steal em off your back in crowded places). I decided to keep em. They're like battle scars and ribbons. Not quite ready to part with em just yet.

Here's where I'm stumped:
Currently, I have a draw full of stuff that isn't mine, so next time my brother comes to visit I have a box worth of "gifts" for him. In a previous blog I discussed the glory of antiquated technologies and it rolled over so long i revisited it again. The biggest hurdle now are the remaining boxes and bags of:
VHS TAPES (EVEN 3 betamats)
ZIP DRIVES!! - that one made me laugh.

A massive cleanup is like a trip in a time machine. So far, the box of VHS tapes was used temporarily as a christmas tree stand, and now makes for a good plant stand. Any other suggestions for my outdated medias? For now, they hide and cower under my bed. Out of site and out of mind.

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