Saturday, April 11, 2009

My New Motivation!!!!

The sad thing about motivation (I find) is that it's like gas, bills and any other fossil fuel......or corporate America. It doesn't matter what you did last year, 5 years of 10 years, its all about what have you done in the last 30-60 days. Oh what a replinishing emotion it is. You can pay off a car, a house, or a property, but you can never pay off a phone, a gas tank or your motivation.........probably why many relationships or marriages don't last because ppl feel like they paid off and bought the car when they don't realized what they signed was a rent out lease. Leases do not constitude ownership. Titles and deeds is that why ppl are so caught up on "titles" in relationships?........but thats another conversation.

I SERIOUSLY digress!

I found my new motivation, which ironically motivated me to write about it rather than act on it (DWEEB ALERT!!). It should be no secret by now that "300" is one of my all time favorite films and one of the bestestess thing to ever appear on screen. Not only did it motivate me to build a forte and defend it, it jump-started an animal workout-blitz-lifestyle that transformed who I was as a person, physically and mentally.....and personality.......but thats another conversation. The sad downfall, is when I discovered that in addition to the massive workout, many of the cast who didn't "make the cut"...(get it? cuts??) were AIRBRUSHED into shape...not all of em, but enough (I've seen the movie enough times to point out who and where). Therefore, it's utility as a fitness motivator has all but exhausted itself. That probably explains my recent fat boy binge bc the light has come on. . . ...........................................................for those of you who don't drive, when you're gas tank is dangerously low a light
on your dashboard turns on....that's like your final warning before you're about to shut down.

[Pulls off the exit ramp into a rest stop] HARK!!! What is my new motivation you ask?

This movie is something we've been missing in cinema for a long time. Now I've been advocating for years that every movie I go to does not have to be "gone with the wind" or an Oscar caliber performance. I merely request to be entertained. And while "living la vida recession," when we spend our time and money, we better damn well get entertained. Now completely disregard the fact that I saw this on sate lite tv, bc that would null and void my previous point. God forbid, I contradict myself. A probo, since the satellite ppl don't knock on doors and say, "hey want some free-ass programing," living la vida recession is still applicable. Ere go, sometimes, I just want cheesy entertainment and boy does this movie deliver.

It's basically takes you back to Saturday Kung-fu @ 3 o'clock (for the 80's babies) slash Karate Kid, slash every Van Damme movie ever made (minus the splits and gratuitous ass showing), all tied into one..........with a dash of 2008 sprinkled on top of it. And we all know the premise: boy gets his monkey ass whooped (and his ass sure was monkey) by the antagonist jerk. Boy meets master/sensai/drunken fighter in the woods/flees to shoalin (or in this case, an African Mr. Miyagi. Teacher shows boy one special move. Boy trains. Motivational and inspirational "Rocky"-like montage of boy getting stronger, better, (shout outs to Kanye)faster over "hero" rock music, influencing simple minded ppl like yours truly. Boy seeks revenge. Boy wins rematch with antagonist jerk (in the hood we say, "he got eff'd the EFF up ::radio edit::). Just as boy is about to lose, boy gets flashbacks of teachers words of wisdom and training. Much to the surprise of everyone, boy just happens to end/win fight with teachers special move. Boy also wins girl in super happy ending. Boy teaches teacher a valuable life lesson. A good time is had by all.

However, between some of the training techniques, seeing ppl get better/improve, and with my admitted boarder-line homo-sexual fascination with anatomy and great physiques, I'm sold! I take my hat off to a good movie that can motivate me to do anything. It's because of my brothers and I that they make those disclaimers (don't try this at home) bc we have probably tried every training technique you've ever seen in a fight movie. Seriously, from eating raw eggs to tying ropes and pulling apart our legs training to split. Only difference is, I have enough knowledge and insight NOW to separate the literal from the Hollywood.

Whether you work out or not, look at every area of your life and ask yourself, "What's my motivation?" "Is my tank full, half, quarter or is the light on?" And more importantly, "Where do/can I go for a refill?" Off to the gym kiddies!!

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