Thursday, April 23, 2009

PSA: "Facebook/myspace/twitter/Blackplanet ruined my relationship"

As stated before, I have an armada of blogs, that I've typed but haven't gotten around to posting. I prefer to stagger them, long as they are anyway. Here's another PSA from "The Blackberry Chronicles"
Sidenote: I know what some of you are thinking and yes, BP is still up and running.
NEWSFLASH!!! If u fight over these sites, you two have bigger problems yall need to hatch out n discuss. But since technology is so prevalent in our lives and some of us are dense, and coincidentally I like to write about random long lengths, let's exonerate some lessons.

STUPID Things that probably shouldn't but most likely will cause problems in your relationships

-If you have a "top" or "favorite" friend list and ur "other" (just bc someone is occupying your space and time doesn't guarantee significance) is not in the top 3 or 5 and "Joe Schmo" is, expect to hear it. (Now notice I didn't say #1 cus clearly you had a life and family and friends before the person so I hope I'm not being too drastic here). I'm not talking about every single friend you have who gets mad bc you moved them down the list, so in retaliation, they take you off, I mean you're partner. If u don't get that, then that's a bit beyond dense. Its quite simple, if its not that important or mean anything, why even have a list? But going back to my original statement, if everything is alright, this wouldn't be a problem now would it?

-Guys!! If you're in a relationship, your big pimpin days or over....well at least they should be. Stop putting up profile pics.....with all these girls.....kissing........and hugging on you......IF ITS NOT YOUR GIRL!!!! I think this is prolly more dense than the first..........yep, definitely. Some guys just don't get the fact that a girl who like, loves, lust, and or cares about you, doesn't like to see other chicks putting there lips where they do. Vice Vera, bc some ladies are wreckless in this department too. You can argue that "well if you were secure it wouldn't bother you." Perhaps.......and I can argue that getting hit by a car won't kill me, and that's probably true..........but why go through the experiment anyway if I don't have to, ay? Why take the obviously harder, less respectful route?

-Don't get mad bc you lied about going somewhere and your monkey ass got tagged up a storm in someones photo album, being somewhere other than what you said. Didn't we warn you about this before? (REF:
“I don’t believe in lying…….but if I did, here’s how I would do it…”)

Sidenote: See, technology didn't create the problem, it just exposed it. You're really mad at yourself for A of all, lying, and B of all, getting caught.
-If you don't have the decency cut off your boytoys or big booty hoes, at least have the common sense to tell them to stop or not leave inappropriate messages on your wall.
Sidenote: the wall post is not an inbox or chat window. If one person is visible on your wall more than 3 times at any given point, that's a bit much. Even further, the wall post is not the place to declare how great the dinner, date, sex, movie or Yahtzee was last night. Some ppl got family and co-workers on these things.
Funny thing, I know tons of ppl who have "stealth" profiles set up, for the sole purpose of doing dirt on the low or stalking (they may say "checking up on" but I say call a spade a spade") their man/woman. They will never post pics or add you as a friend. But they know everyone in your top 300 (yeah, it kinda lost significance after 8).

So in conclusion, if you and your other are in the same state, or some reasonable striking distance, sign off from time to time and fricken talk. We get so caught up in computer mediated communications (Dr. Hales -in training- taught me that term) that we forget to fricken talk to one another. I dated a girl in college who could never have a serious convo with me unless over instant messenger. She literally would call me just to tell me to sign onto im. Granted, point counterpoint, one can argue that some ppl are passive introverts and CMC gives ppl an outlet to express sentiments that would otherwise be bottled up and repressed. We like to blame everyone but the person in the mirror. CMC just gives us another direction to point.

Sent via Raphael  "I am Raphael Charles and I approve this message"


-Its cool to keep your friends posted and publicly declare funny thoughts, but please don't use your status as a public forum to air your dirty laundry. I read some statii sometimes that really make my head shake due to extensive T.M.I.-atry. Please note, when you put your others' or ex' sex life on blast, you're also putting your business out there.......and making an A-nus of yourself more so than the other person! Its childish. Please stop, or detention for the both of ya!!

-Can someone PLEASE tell me wtf is "complicated" under relationship status supposed to mean, other than a topic starter for ppl to nag and probe into your business?!! LOOK! you're either in a relationship, or not. We don't need to know your problems.

Sent via Raphael  "I am Raphael Charles and I approve this message"


Lyrical Laureate said...

" I dated a girl in college who could never have a serious convo with me unless over instant messenger. She literally would call me just to tell me to sign onto im "

LOL. once more, an enjoyable read. I can align with many of these notions, and have been guilty of others.

im mad ur making up verbage now... "T.M.I. -atry... "

said out, that wouldnt even be grammatically correct.

Adama Paddyfoote said...

That's Crazy. How one allow something we all have so much control over to ruin our relationships...1. There's Privacy Options, and privacy options per individual friend you add, 2. you can set up where people cannot tag you on pics.