Thursday, April 9, 2009

Staying Motivated in the Gym..........Part 4b

So finally after all that babble (click here and be sure to read "4A" first), I finally get to the point. I don't know if I've mentioned this before but I realized one of the .............
Sidenote:....................Halle Berry is on Jay Leno, and normally I don't goo-gah over her or any other celebs, but they showed an old clip when one of her bubbies (one of my favorite things on earth - PERIOD - not just hers) fell out....didn't need to share that, but I had to do something while I re-calibrate my thought and catch my train......ah there it goes....SHIT, she stood up.....ok here we go.
I don't know if I've mentioned this before but I realized one of the biggest X-factors in my fitness discipline is one or more like-minded individuals who are as equally motivated and at times MORE motivated then you. My two, My Pal Al and my Overzealous Bulgarian Gym partner. Although I've heard of personal development Al is one of the first ppl to lead me to becoming a student and actually applying it. I'd get in his car and instead of music he'd be listening to a cd on "how to stop procrastination." My Overzealous Bulgarian Gym partner is the only person at my gym (which is quite small) who's been going as consistently over the last two years as I and one of the few ppl there who can spot me on the bench, vice versa.
Sidenote: It's even better to workout with a person about 20-40% (guestamating) stronger than you in some way. That way you're strong enough to push them (and not just bandwagon or freeload) and they're strong enough to help you break plateaus. When one is out of it, the other keeps them in line. You help them in the areas where you are strong and they strengthen you where your'e weak.
Both of em know as much as me about health. We all do similar research at similar sources, buy and use similar supplements. Al knows many of the personal trainers I used to hang out with. The "OBG" is one of those guys who's been lifting since he was like 2 and in a rich thick accent starts almost every sentence with "back in Bulgaria." However, Al's in Delaware finishing Law school, and my "OBG" joined a gym closer to his apartment.....coincidentally around the time I stopped going. Who will spot me? Who I say?
Sidenote: I heart my Overzealous Bulgarian Gym Partner. Anytime I'm about to do a set, I can hear him screaming (don't know the spelling so I'm going off enunciation) "AH' REH-BAY!!!! GEE-VOT-NOOOOO!!!!" which translates to, "COME ON! ANIMAAAAAL!!!" Sounding like an Eastern European Leonidas....
So I realize, by recent email threads hearing ppl talk about their habits and goals, I'm falling behind. I once heard "it's easier to run with a hundred ppl than to drag one" so when I'm in communication with many ppl who are all motivated and going in a similar path, its easiER to stay as enthused. I hardly even talk to Jacky, who's a self made nutrition guru and can calculate calories in her head at the salad bar. So when I hear Al, and O talking about doing new workouts at 6 in the morning, recent results, I get motivated to get off my fatboy binge. The last time I worked out with the OBG, he was pushing three 45 plates with ease. Before my fatboy binge, I maxed three 45's (on each side if I'm speaking esoterically for anyone), 3 clean lifts, the last with help. NOW, this Hans n Franz ass mofo is pushing FOUR plates, no problem. Another healthy source of motivation. CHALLOOOOOOOOOOOONGE...or friendly competition.

Besides, all the sugar and fats... those oh so sweet sweet fats that led to a lard-assey good time, kinda deflated my arms n chest (sugar breaks down muscle), my legs are shriveling up, and I'm on the doorstep of new stretchmarks......NOT COOL!! TMI much? Gotta get it right. The weather is getting warm and you know those paparazzi will be lurking................

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