Saturday, April 11, 2009

Reasons why I always have a camera...LMAO!!!!!!

I honestly could not think of anything else to title this. I caught this on the highway in the backseat of the car. Thank God I got the focus right just before the cut off.

List of ppl who must be thrown out in the street and shot:
The person who came up with it.
Their buddy who said "that's a great idea!"
The person who decided to put it on a highway
The person who designed the ad
The person who agreed to pay for it
The person who decided to use the 'O'

List of ppl who should be slapped, but you can't REALLY blame them:
The people who printed the sign (I want to know how they kept a straight face or were they laughing all the way?)
The people who gave the permit for the sign

the people who mounted the signInteresting Typography................and if the image isn't too clear on you're browser, that is in fact a buttock crack in the place of the 'O.' Click and enlarge the image.


*nycyahdie* said...

Oh gosh! Where dud you see this ad? I bet yuh ppl actually called up that number too for their services!!

Yuh should post the pics of the "Obama" business establishments that are popping up everywhere!!

The Indigo Rose said...

This is unasseptable. I am assolutely asstounded.