Thursday, July 23, 2009

Baby making Music is back!! [From the Blackberry Chronicles]

Folks, I did something unheard of. Something that I admit I haven't done in an age................... I purchased an album!!!!...........on compact disc!!!!......the week it dropped!!!........and paid for it with my own money!!....and didn't even use a coupon, voucher or credit. That may sound normal to you guys, but for me, that's as bewildering and bazaar as it gets. Don't get too alarmed, I actually purchased it online.
Sidenote: in a matter of un-shocking irony, I actually went to Virgin Megastore Union square to buy it only to find it closed, out of business for good. Not exactly Mr. now am I?
The last albums I actually paid for were:
Miscellaneous capoera cd's
Lauren Hill's MTV unplugged
rnb's "Green Note"
Several artists I know personally
Tweet's first album
..........Lover's Rock?
MJ's number ones and Invincible (the week they dropped, not the last fanatic past few weeks).

Ironically around the time I got my first ipod, cd burning became easier than making pie and I discovered downloading and ripping music.

So why am I going to buy not one, but FOUR albums this year? Four of my favorite singers are coming back!

Phase one: Maxwell - Blacksummers' Night
On a scale of one to ten......I like it a lot. Idunno if anyone feels the same but when I first heard this album I was disappointed. About two weeks later, I absolutely loved it. Same reaction I had the first time I heard his first single Pretty Wings (which ironically I think is one of the most Maxwellian song on the album) I was upset at first that he doesn't have any songs sung entirely in "The Maxwell note" but he does hit it periodically, sprinkled throughout the album you just have to find it. Coincidentally, "Playing Possum" is currently my favorite song.
Sidenote: Seasoned Maxwell fans know exactly what I mean by "The Maxwell note". That harmonized high F. MJ has his "heeee hee!!!" Prince has that.....broken flute/dear/exotic rain forest bird call-like sound, Al green has his signature note. However let's assume some of you don't have all 4 of his albums, and the MTV unplugged live album. Maxwell's trademark falsetto debuts the note in the opening of "Ascension" and in most songs, but to hear a song sung entirely in the note, check out "Reunion," "eachhoureachsecondeachminuteeachday.." (great song, one of his worse videos, but floating around in space is probably what sums Embrya up best), "This Woman's Work" the original live version, not the album version.
Sidernote: I was annoyed at Love and Basketball for making "Womans work" mainstream. How you take a song about pain and make a love scene out of it (very tastefully done love scene, nonetheless)?? It was my hidden gem that only a few fans knew about. The album version is inferior to Maxwell's live version and the video did not do the song nor Kate Bush justice. Leave it to Maxwell....always floating all over the fucking place........sorry, its one of my favorite songs of all time. I get a little passionate.

Montage from "She's Having a baby":

Kate Bush' Video:

Phase two: Genuine is Back!!! "A Man's Thoughts" Gotta muster up the mojo to purchase that album. Two in a row? SHEESH!

Phase Three: Joe!! "Signature" - This is tough work here. What ever happened to baby steps?

Phase Four: (most exiting of all) The band Sade is working on their new ablum (many ppl don't realize that the artist name is actually the name of the entire band, let alone that she even has a band).
Sidenote: She is one of my favorite singers and lyricists of all time. I'd love to see a hip hop style freestyle battle btwn Sade and Badu with song lyrics. I think it would be hot.
Not that I don't mind Jerimiah and the Dream's "bust-a-nut"/stumped toe music (aaaaah!!! Aah ah aaaah!!) but I welcome the return of real soulful artists.

WARNING!!!!! Exercise extreme caution! Playing these artists around the opposite sex may result in intense physical contact, love making and or pregnancy.

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