Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sign of the times. [Throw back]

I was actually looking for this post to reference-link it in my last blog, however when I couldn't find it, I realized that I wrote it on another website. This is one of the first blogs I ever wrote (that I still have record of). It's been almost three years but I had a similar experience when I told you guys about Virgin Megastore closing down. So many memories gone....well, lets take it back.....

The following is a random brain fart/potential topic starter. Some of you may or may not know this but I have a "little" fascination with tracking businesses, marketting, technology and trends. Feel free to expound.


How does a staple of pop culture just fade away? Kinda sad when a company can't keep up with trends, and the moving world around it renders it obsolete. Pesonally, I'm partially responsible. I haven't bought a cd in 4 years (and it was a capoeira cd with music I couldn't find online so add 2 years for regular music). I haven't purchased a movie in 6 months since I installed a 300 gig Hard drive and discovered blockbuster online.

Imagine how many people are losing a job and thier way of life because of recent shifts in technology? Talk about history repeating itself, we're witnessing the modern day vinyl record and camera obscura.

I once heard a story which I find hilarious and relevant (imagine it in a jamaican accent)

A man met his friend who appeared disturbed. Naturally he asked, "why?" His friend was about to be deported. Once again, "why?"
"I tried to stow-away on a boat to England. I painted my body green and hid amongst the green bananas"
"So how did you get caught? How did they find you?"
"Well, by the time the boat got to England, I was still green and all the bananas turned yellow."

Moral of the story: this world is constantly changing and if you don't grow, change, adapt and evolve, you will be exposed.

-My $0.02

I also revisited it again at some point last year......
I ran across this old post and I laugh about its parallel to today's context. I originally thought about it bc of ppl who keep crying over the new facebook, but tower records is a good example of how corporate greed can sink an empire.

A CD cost approximately $0.49 to burn (and that figure is from the 90's so its pennies today) and money is taken out of the artist's share to pay for the art design and publishing.............SO WHY THE HELL DO CD's STILL COST $16-$20!?!?!?!?
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