Thursday, February 18, 2010

The 90 degree rule of checking a woman out.

A picture says a thousand words.

The problem with that is.........a picture says a thousand words. It puts the onus on the reader to translate what is being communicated to our eye. Unfortunately, the average person has (as one of my professors Peter Eisenman used to say) "eyes which do not see." I remember the year I was literally taught HOW to see, which I'd equate to the difference btwn just hearing and actively listening......I severely digress (looks left, refocuses).
To better understand what happened in this photo (which probably wasn't even a photograph and more likely a still taken from a video, IMO, compromising the photographic integrity of "capturing a moment" by "choosing a moment") lets watch the video.

Now since a video is moving, we're more compelled to believe the images (bc who could we trust if not our own eyes, no?) especially with "credible news guy" narrating. Closed case right? WRONG!!! What the hell would overzealous bloggers like me have to write about!!???

Obama is American, President, Black, been around high-end circles and PWI's (Predominantly White Institutions - shout out to Korey Carter for that acronym) and he's a black woman. All this to say, you will find fewer scrutinized human beings on the face of the planet so its is imperative that he has to have surgical, ninjitsu discretion about EVERYTHING he does......but he's still irrefutably human.
Sidenote: Backside!! Why the F is ninjitsu NOT in spell check? ARE YOU SHITTING ME??? Ninjutsu neither!!?? Whut di MUDDA...ass!...shet... Pissing me off man!! But I digress...

Sidernote/Disclaimer: Let me say this so we're clear. When I usually say things like "to a black woman" the immediate reaction is almost always "violently opposed". "Oh, so dating a black woman is so different from dating any other woman?" YES! ABSO-Freaking-LUTELY, but why now must you automatically assume that to be a negative thing? Women of every culture are different. You are different black women, that's why the men that love you, do :)
Here's what clearly happened (IMO of course).
Sarkozy: "B!! Red, 3'oclock!!"
Obama: "here young lady, let me give you a hand down these stairs..."
Obama proceeds to pull the old smoke and mirrors by calling the eye (which does not see) to his hand reaching for the woman behind him. He looks both ways before crossing (when an aircraft is locked on, the pilot can shoot heat flares to throw off the incoming missile). But his focus seems pretty clear. What's crucial is that he doesn't break the 90 degree angle. When you're being watched and you want to check out a female, you have about a 90 degree allowable turn radius before you appear questionable (that is unless you have one of those bomb-ass anomolies who is secure enough to not take offense and doesn't care at all... a bonus is a female who can watch with you). AND he's married (I wanna say it again just to be spiteful) which means he's had to suppress his urge to observe the glory of the opposite sex. Anyone man who's been in a long relationship has mastered the art of the coy eye. B does not do a novice turn, he's pulling out advanced concept applications. He even squares his shoulders and pivots giving him an additional 30 degrees of vision. Not to mention he has a given 30 or peripheral vision give or take. So it's not so much of staring and following the target, he just happened to turn that way as it just so happened to walk into his 150 degree angle line of sight............... Oh he's good! Gentlemen, take note if you're woman keeps going upside your head.

Sarkozy..... pretty darn blatant.

This is a fine example of tact, showcasing discrete vs. egregious. But it's obvious. America is probably one of 5 countries in the world where this would be a big deal or even on the news. France doesn't have this guilty until proven innocent, public eye crucible that we have over here. According to the jury of our media, the photo condemns Obama, the video absolves. I had my reservations about the photo bc it lacked context, but I think he was checking her out after the video and i respect his technique. I feel for this man sometimes. Dancing, cursing out Kanye, going to broadway, now checking just out some booty....Random connection, but Obama better just make a decision to just leave chicken alone for the next 3-8 years bc God forbid anyone captures a snapshop of that.



short grumpy girl said...

pretty sure Abraham said that, not Eisenman.

R said...

Who are you short grumpy girl? Abraham probably said it to bc its quoted from the same person, but I first heard it from Peter. First critique we had he knew off of first glance if your plans and elevations were off and got up and counted stairs on every drawing.