Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spoke too soon!


It wasn't even two weeks ago....wait, actually it was exactly two weeks ago (it is Thursday, innit?) that I said:

"...Obama better just make a decision to just leave chicken alone for the next 3-8 years bc God forbid anyone captures a snapshop of that."

...And today, my friend sends me this (technically 2 days ago, I'm now posting it):

Courtesy of one of my favorite reads, The Huffington Post article................sigh. No words.

Sidenote: That originally was going to be the end of the post, then my inner RrChitect said, "ooh! ooh! oh I have a word or two" and he had his hand up, waving feverishly in that "teecha! teecha! pick me, pick me"-type motion.

Notice the leach paparazzi didn’t even wait for it to hit the table. We have no idea if he actually even ate the thing. They just saw a heaping platter of crispy, succulent, mamma's southern fried chicken passing our black president, carried by good ol’ healthy black “mammy” of a woman (lovely homegrown lady at that) and this photographer pounced on it like a $100 bill on the floor in a crowded NYC subway. They probably ran right out the dinner (this is literally the last photo on the slide reel) and said "GOTCHYA BITCH!! It was only a matter of time, but we got him! We got a headline!!

Obama Eats Fried Chicken Lunch Despite Cholesterol Problem (PHOTOS, POLL)"

Sidenote: I think the "despite...." was added after the photo made it back to the actual journalists.

Correct me if I missed something, but outside of having a beer with Jr, and a Japanese chef damn near killing his father, since when does what a president eat become news? Do they not know Obama works out more than any president in recent history?

A lot of my friends think I’m too extreme or paranoid but here’s a newsflash that you would like to think is not a concern, but is: RACE MATTERS! Ask any Arab, Indian or dark skinned Dominican who's taken a flight since 2001. No one will admit it, but every other race has stereotypes about black ppl. Some are out of ignorance, but some are from actual interaction, which unfortunately isn’t always the most pleasant. The comical genesis of all this commenced when a friend of mine innocently went inquiring about something on line. HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT!! Google, “why” and wait a second. Look at the first 5 auto searches in the drop menu and tell me if anything strikes your eye that might provoke this topic.

I’m so over hearing “you’re the first black person I really got to know, so articulate, speak so well, I was surprised by your performance, not like other black ppl,” or any other variation of compliment” when ppl realize that there are black ppl who don’t talk like JJ, Martin, Flavor Flav or someone out of a Tyler Perry story. I've even heard other black professionals say they rarely meet and work with young black ppl who conduct themselves or do business at the level of my associates and I. It’s all good intended so no offense taken; it’s just a constant eye opener that we will forever be scrutinized. Women have a different scrutiny, every other culture has one or two dozen, this is ours. And on the flipside, in my less cognizant and inglorious moments………………..I’ve confirmed a WHOOOOOOOOOOLE lot of stereotypes. Even on accident………….like sitting at a table as a platter of chicken happens to be walking by.

Stereotypes will be around just as long as roaches and rodents. Best combat I've found over the years is that when you're a "token," you have a moral obligation to be a shining star and dispel as much of the negative as you humanly can. Sorry, this is your burden whether you choose to carry it or not.

If I ever see him eating watermelon, he's not getting my vote in 2012 (jus a waitin on that watermelon image link to hit inbox, any day now).

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