Friday, April 16, 2010

"Ask and ye shall recieve"

So I was a little hesitant to let my dad use my new, sexy laptop, since I neglected to mention that he's the one who mysteriously suicide bombed my desk top, but and learn right? I destroyed 3 computers to get to the level of knowledge I'm at. Besides, when I had my little fender bender, he didn't stop letting me use the car. Everyone gets one.

Sidenote: I might add that when I had the fender bender, the grill was cracked.......but at least the car still ran. My desktop is a vegetable until Richard has time to take a look at it next week. Shout outs to Richard Rodney for salvaging my last 6 yrs of photos music and data after the cataclysmic crash.

Sidenote: If you don't know Richard Rodney, you're missing out. I've had the pleasure to work with him on a number of projects, only to find out he lives on my block, and is one of the most hardest working, knows-everything, reliable ppl I have ever met. If I had a team of five Richard Rodney's, I could easily take over the easily!

So in good faith, I brought over the laptop for pops to use. Now I don't know if he was as lost in translation as I was, but I just happened to find this on the screen soon as I logged back in:

Some of you young hipsters might be all like "SO?! DUHHH!?" but to me, after bitching and moaning 2 days ago, this was the holy grail! I mean that page and video was like BAM!! [Shout outs to Emeril Lagasse] In my face as soon as I signed on. Now granted, its clearly on the windows/msn homepage, and I could have looked it up and found it at any time, but theres nothing like having something you're asking or thinking about just gift wrapped and handed to you [besides, btwn ADHD and procrastination, I'd never get to it and more likely try to figure it out on my own]. It's now my homepage. I plan to watch all of em and read a bit everyday.

My new outlook for the weekend, and moving forward, "Don't curse your curses!" I'll continue sharing more examples of this moving fwd. TGIF FOLKS!!!

This is brainfart # 120. Over and out.


NSBE Canada Alumni said...

*** Dying of laughter ***

As my own father and cousin stumbled across this and had to tell me about this . . .

BUT - as most people know now, I'm tend to figure out programs fairly quickly, and Windows 7 became my new best friend within the hour that I installed it on my HP laptop. Had I known - I could've given you the quick tutorial on it.....

Ah well - at least you've landed the "golden treasure" - as my cousin put it - LOL

R said...

Thats like finding out about a sale a day late. I'm still open for my consultation. BTWN chat windows and webinars we can work something out