Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Welcome to the Community KY!!

I'm happy to welcome and introduce you to a newcomer to bloggitry,

KY (not the lube....sorry couldn't resist) is one of those successful, educated beautiful, party animal, hilariously witty ppl and all around fellow carnivalista in my sphere of association and on the low one my my most cynical blog critics.........who for the life of her won't ever "follow" or comment on di blasted blogs bc she's a punk! I should post some of the stuff this woman has told me.
Sidenote: I never said that I have anything against negative criticism. I love negative criticism. It makes me better. Most of my strengths and good qualities are a direct resultant of negative criticism. I went to architecture school. There is absolutely nothing you can say about my work that can ever possible hurt, bother, offend or deter me. Bring it Jabrony!!
I'll make it a point to highlight my other fellow bloggers I follow in the future, but to see one of your harshest critics start a blog was like Christmas morning to a kid. I'm on a three point stance and doing the double dutch hop all at the same time.

Fellow writers help fuel my flame, especially when they "just make your tummy feel like it wants to rip at the seams from laughing." Glad to see that us writers are continuing to compose symphonies and not playing on the Titanic. Be sure to check her out, and tell her The RrChitect said hi.

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