Monday, April 19, 2010

GADZOOKS!! I bought ANOTHER album

Yes! I actually purchased an album!! AGAIN!! Thats like 2 in 8 years. I must say tho, it was an impulse buy, which I try to avoid. I was feening to hear it and just ordered the mp3's off.......some online purchasing website.....without even hearing the album first.

Idunno, the jury is still out on this album for me. I didn't like Maxwell's album at first but love it now, so I'll give it the benefit of the doubt. I have faith in Sade. Ironically, one of my biggest gripes with Maxwell's new album was it didn't sound like his old gripe with Sade is that it sounds TOO much like all her old stuff. I feel like I need to be high, heartbroken or suicidal to enjoy this music, neither mental state am I interested in. What happened to range of emotion? Can I get some upbeat happy tunes? She certainly brings the blues back to rhythm and blues...........but still beautiful lyrics.

Sidenote.....yet along the same line so I dont need a color change....I copped the new Badu album, rather "acquired it"....I said it before......BADU is still the love of my life!! If there was a musical boxing match for my heart, Badu would kick Sade's ass. Just going off these albums bc the whole collection is too much to compare. Erykah (who has entirely too many letters in her name) has the sad, happy, upbeat the "damn thats messed up, but makes for a great song," the depth all in one album. It sounds like old E. Badu, but has a fresh enough new sound to show growth of an artist.
Ah the artists dilemna. Do I stay the same and maintain my fan base who expect the same and lose those who want change......or do I grow as an artist, gamble to see if I lose fans or gain with the new direction? Glad I just write for fun.

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