Tuesday, April 13, 2010

To twit, or not to twit?

Some of you seasoned readers have heard me denounce twitter on a number of occasions. So Its with great hilarity that I report to you that there is a rogue, renegade faction that is hell-bent on enlisting me amongst the ranks of the "twitterverse" [now me and made-up words go hand in hand like "ah" and "choo" but I couldnt take credit for that one]. What started as a status spanning 40 comments has now evolved into a full blown facebook group (which I might add is full of ppl who arent subscribed to my blog). We must quell this peasant uprising!!

Am I holding on the the vinyl record in a virtual dj error? A I the raggidy old man on the bus with the cassette playing walkman, solicited by "MP3 Raheem?" I don't speak the cryptic hieroglyphics of today with the #'s and @ signs before and after every word. Is that what poppin in da hood? Is tweetin what's hot in di streets?

All who stood tall with me in defiance has fallen prey to the twit fad. Kinda reminds me of about say......6 yrs ago when everyone started blogging. Am I a literary fossil of an antiquated art in an age of low attention span instant digital feeds?

As TMI-ic as I appear on blog, I'm actually very calculative about what I share and don't share. Even on facebook and in person, very few ppl know the true "R." So in a Verbal Kint-like matter, I'm cool with blogging. However, to best describe my hesitation with twitting:

As asshole-ic as my structured babble is, does the world really.....REALLY want my raw, instant immediate RANDOM, unfiltered thoughts all day long? I will resist this campaign of amusement at the expense of my chicanery and bafoonic coonery.

Much appreciation to all the folks who hit me on the side telling me "don't do it."

"I am Sean Conner........and if you're listening..... you are the resistance!"

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