Thursday, November 20, 2008

BYE BYE Detroit!!!


I have some outstanding debt that's taking forever to clear (and yeah it is quite impressive)

Millions of ppl are being laid off
millions of ppl lost their homes
millions of ppl will be laid off
millions of ppl will lose their home

Soooooooooo, why are we bailing out companies that did poor jobs of running a business? Where's the bail out for the kid who doesn't go to class but wants to graduate in the last 2 weeks of school? Where's the bail out for the ppl who are declaring bankruptcy? I heard one of the execs say "ppl won't want to buy cars from a company declared bankrupt".................PEOPLE DONT WANT TO BUY YOUR CARS ANYWAY! THATS WHY YOU'RE GOING BANKRUPT!!

I looked into American cars. I was on some patriotic USA momentum early this year and decided to keep my money domestic....................until i began looking at emission and fuel consumptions. Granted, they were making a few pretty cool designs the last few years but let me reitterate FEW and I don't care how patriotic and cute i wanna be.................... then Japanese are even ze Germans are offering more miles per gallon aka more dollars per pocket.

Aren't the party of the fiscally conservative always advocating "smaller, less government?" So when did the "bailout" become the go to option? I never heard about the term bailout before 60 days ago. Does that mean I can call my credit card company for a bailout (actually, you can really settle for less than your outstanding debt, but I'm looking into that myself, but thats another conversation)? Where was the buyout when Tower Records, crumbled? Wheres the bailout for Leighman Brothers? Wakovia, Washington Mutual, Linens n things and Circuit City?

BTW, interesting note on the senate procedings, I'm sure everyone has heard by now that all those who went to washington to beg for money flew in on private multi-million dollar jets. What I find more fascinating is when asked as a sign of good faith how many would be willing to sell thier planes and fly back on a commercial airliner, NOT ONE PERSON RAISED THIER HANDS!!!!! Detroit has been going down for years. Why are they now asking for help? Is the half a million dollar company spa retreat coming up? If you didn't get that joke, you should check out what AIG did with thier bailout money after the US saved thier asses. These guys, I'm sure, are still making millions while they've been laying off thousands of ppl in the last few years. How about we have company wide paycuts? I wonder if we had the option of taking a company wide paycut or gamble being one of the 20,000 to be laid off if anyone would oppose it?

The ppl who really need a bail out or the ppl who are losing thier homes. A roof over your head is everyone's first priority....then a phone........that way you can at least call to find a way to get the money for everything else (seriously, how many ppl do we know that aren't working, or never worked, but always have a cellphone?). Banks aren't giving loans, no one is buying so the last thing they want to do right now is take more houses. Come on!! Lets make some deals! I think ima go down to washington to beg for some money..........but I'll take megabus :)

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ziggy said...

They did it to themselves.