Friday, November 28, 2008

Killer savings on VCR's, the best darn vinyl records ever and other antiquated technologies going down the tubes.....PART II

Anyhow, so today (actually yesterday), I hear a commercial on the radio for HIGHER RESOLUTION DVD PLAYERS! Not blue ray or hd-dvd, DV fricken D aka the VCR killer.

Sidenote - I have two vcr's, both underneath something in some nooks of my home collecting dust. I have a theory that anyone who still has a vcr thats still connected and not dusty and under the age of 40 (some over) keep it for the sole purpose of porn. Imagine letting go of your 10-20 year stash? Thats quite the collection... but thats another conversation...

The commercial boasts that the player boosts the resolution on your dvd's to match your hd tv. Talk about playing with the band on the titanic! Why would some companies remains so stubborn, oblivious and practice corporate suicide??? And for that matter, why the fragglerock are dvd's still $15-$25!!!??? A cd cost approx. 47 cents to burn back in the late 90's (I'll never forget hearing that on 20/20). Why do cd's still cost $12-$20!?!? Especially when most of the publishing, art and production comes out of the artists pocket....some $3-$8 per cd sold. HD-DVD accepted their fate and are selling movies for $4 :) No wonder so many companies are failing. GREED and no one's watching the trends!!!!

Sidenote - I changed my stance from my previous post! Save DETROIT!! I need to do some more homework bc I'm still not understanding how you rimjob some of the biggest American based companies in the world and the next week bailout a company with trillions in liquid assets that bought out smaller companies that went on sale during first wave of companies failings..... but thats another conversation.

We're actually only a few years out before blue ray is obsolete as well and we're all digital with digital downloads leading the way and I'll prove it. Since the proliferation of ipods, flash drive and portable 120 gig hard drives that fit in the palm of your hand, when was the last time you used a re-writeable cd? Or even burned a cd for anything but music? When was the last time you purchased film? We have websites where you can basically send someone an entire movie or photo album, or music album via websites, email and a link. To truly understand the applications you need to use an xbox 360 or a ps3 beyond the gaming features. Netflix even has a gadget where you can order movies straight through your tv. On demand, tivo...need I go on?

Sidenote - Why does America suck at all the things we invented? You'd figure Kodak would rule and be a leader in digital cameras and Ford would make the best cars on earth.......but thats another conversation.

Physical mediums are tanking in sales. These may one day become only relics or tools of the trade used only and specifically by ppl within certain industries and not daily consumption of the general public. For example, I cant think of anyone who buys film other than photographers. The music and film industry is feeling it heavily. However, they'll survive. Question is, on what level of survival.....but that's another conversation...

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J.S.F. said... put valid arguments. But have u ever thought that maybe we'll do a full 360 and come back to those old relics? I think it's like'll go out of style for now but somehow come back as "something classic and cutting edge". Something like coca cola classic (which got bought out by