Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Black Eye of the Tiger

[....oh I get it... cus he got beat up n bruised...]

How sad. Our President/Commander in chief outlines his strategies for military action in Iraq and Afghanistan with detailed number of troops, dollar amounts and exact dates. You would think that that would be the top story of the day. Right? No? No good?


Christmas came early this year for the media. They are having a field day with this Tiger Woods debacle. [Controversial statement of the day] The American media loves nothing more than bringing down a prominent black person from glory........YEAH I SAID IT!!

"AAW fiddle sticks RrChitect! How can you say such treachery!?" I know, I know little Timmy. The truth is sometimes inconvenient (shout outs to "film-making-cant-win-an-election-ass" Al Gore) and hard to swallow, but lets take a historic audit. [Just to name a few, bc the actual list would be a few pages long:
  • Paul Robeson
  • Martin Luther King
Sidenote: King died years after his "I have a dream speech" yet you can't find (rather, would be hard pressed to find) any of his speeches after that one. Look them up and you'll see why....that's your homework assignment for the day.
  • Muhammad Ali
  • Mike Tyson
  • Micheal Jackson
  • O.J. Simpson
  • Micheal Jordan
  • Kobe Bryant
  • Barry Bonds
Sidenote: I love the fact that the Crucible-like witch hunt for Bonds actually lead to a downfall of epic, Titanic proportions which taints almost every record, all star and hall of famer of the last 10 yrs.
And now added to the list, one of the most powerful black celebrities (we're talking Oprah and Obama star power)....Tiger Woods. Take black off of that sentence bc Tiger is actually one of, if not the, wealthiest athletes in the world.

Much like the whole Chris/Rihanna fiasco, I'm going to reserve in-depth commentary until I have all the facts. Sorry, but I think its a sad zeitgeist when TMZ and US magazine are respected and credible sources of news....and the actual news stations are quoting them. Oh the dilapidation of journalism. So far, the buzz is that his wife found out he's been cheating and apparently did one of these....albeit speculation.....

....And allegedly he crashed the jeep, damaging his car, a fire hydrant and causing $200 in damage to tree.
Sidenote: Perhaps Tiger should have taken classes from the "Chris Brown Defensive Driving Institute." [Eff'd up comment of the day] As messed up as it was, the part of the whole story that fascinates me to this day is as bad as CB beat Rihana.............he did it while driving... on a highway and through local one of those foreign European sports cars.........WHICH IS A MANUAL CAR!! So you mean to tell me he was driving with one hand, and with just one other hand free, defending himself AND whipping the left pituitaries out of Rihana WHILE shifting gears??!! It's not right but its FASCINATING!! I bet you Chris Brown wouldn't have crashed that jeep.

Sidernote: "$200 in damage to a TREE??!?!" Seriously!?!? DUDE!! I have never heard of anyone crashing into a tree and getting charged for the tree. Have any of you? Please enlighten me. They will milk whatever they can out of his rich behind.
Will Tiger recover his image...only time will tell. He shattered many barriers in a sport that 100 years ago.........50 years ago, he wouldn't even be allowed to step foot in if he wasn't a servant. I wouldn't be surprised if there were a few powerful ppl pissed at him. Perhaps its time we stop putting athletes and celebrities on pedestals and accepting that they are human beings, and not our pillars and beacons of morality. [MESSAGE!!!] Poor poor Tiger. I'm sure this will get way more scrutiny than McGreevy, Spitzer, or that dumbass South Carolina Governor who had an affair in Brazil, and thought FATHERS DAY would be the most discrete weekend to disappear for a rendevue.

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