Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Why You're Still Single - Ladies: PROLOGUE

Yes, that was meant to be posed as a statement not a question. Answers aren't regularly followed by special punctuation.

Rest assure, the men's version is underway. However, it is an infinitely shorter list and number two, I don't hear men complaining all the time about not being able to find a good woman like its some impossible, insurmountable Juggernaut. I been typing this on my phone for weeks now and so far it works out to a 3 page document, single spaced, 11pt fonts........and I'm a ways from completion. I'm up to 17 reasons so far, but I'll space them out three at a time for now and see how that goes. I'm saving what I think to be the number one reason for last.

This is a menu, and while it may not ALL be applicable to you, I'm just laying out the catalog of the most probable possibilities. We have a wide audience and the first step to combatting a problem is identifying the root cause, the "WHY," so let's try to identify which one is yours, embrace, accept and OWN it, and hopefully it will help you move towards a solutions.

This list stems from years of females complaining about this issue. I have a lot of very attractive, very accomplished, very educated female friends who currently, if not always, are single.
Sidenote: I'm sure someone is thinking the "no-shit-Sherlock" question of the day: "why don't you date them?" Well the "yes-shit-Watson" answers will be disclosed over the course of this series.
Ironically (or maybe its coincidentally) I also have a lot of single successful, accomplished, educated, (and dare I say)
attractive, black male friends. So I know first hand that this myth about "there are no good black men" is nonsense and anyone who still proports it should be slapped with a pair of leather gloves.

The catalyst to me prematurely expediting this list was a recent article I read. Personally, I hate complaints (just as much as I hate the word hate, but clearly more). I take that back, whining and complaining. I get complaining with a cause and a focus and a fix-it attitude. I've always been more solution oriented than problem oriented. We all have problems, on varying scales, but if you're complaining to no avail, with no strategy, no course of action or concern for solution, either let us help you, do something about your problem or shut the eff up!! I wont even reference the article bc its the same allegorical excuses and justifications we always hear. Which was number 14 on the list but a good enough segue to get started, so lets jump right in.

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