Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gilbert: The Proscecution Rests. [From the Blackberry Chronicles]

Very important philosophy: "Always attempt to view and understand things from the other persons point of view" from Dale Carnegie's book, "How to Win Friends and Influence People" one of my favorite books of all time. I remember once I was putting it in my bag and a student asked, "why are you reading that book?" and in a bewildered perplexed face, I responded "ummmm.......to win friends.........and influence.........people?" Seems straight forward to me. I like books and movies that tell me what I'm getting up front.

Yeah. I more and more side with Gilbert every day although I still abhor his letter. I finally think I got the best analogy:

What Lebron did was like a dude (Gilbert) making plans with a chica (Lebron)......sorry, as my friends Kharl or J-Dubs would say, "a BITCH" (not big fans of his decision) Not only did he make the plans with her, he set aside a large set of money for the plans. He turned down mad offers to do other stuff, parties, movies, vacations, dates, etc, even his friends as well as other chicas that were interested in him. He held off on grocery shopping, sales and trips to the outlets and the chica doesn't return any calls or txts all week (partially dudes fault for waiting around but I'll equate this to a superbad chica he's trying to wife up or really really really (x10) wanna smash). Finally, 3 hours (well more like 2 and 15 minutes after commercial interruption) before the time of your date, she put her facebook status as "the most important thing for me is to have fun and to have fun right now so I'm going to South Beach and for a night on the town with my two girls."

Not to be sexist, just reread that paragraph and invert all the masculine/feminine proper nouns as need be to suit your sexual preference.

Can you imagine that rage? After all the major free agents were already signed, you're bread and butter player ups and bounces without even a call or even giving you an opportunity to get something out of the deal? Yeah, Gilbert probably did something to reeeeeeeeeeally piss James off.

My attempt at understanding does in no way shape or form imply agreeance, its just a mental exercise. I've always been fascinated how tyrannical the corporate structure is in the fact that we're "supposed" to give 2 weeks notice before departure, for good measure, yet when you're fired or laid off you have to clear the premise by the end of the day, if not immediately and sometimes escorted by security.

Lebron, order a "Call-a-cab" at Wet Willies for me!

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