Thursday, July 8, 2010

PSA: LADIES, Wash Your Damn Hair!!

Every once in a while, a blog I read moves something in me and my response in turn becomes a blog in itself. Here was a recent response to the post where my pal Nik vents on some of her peeves of her fellow female species so I had to add My $0.02 about one I think she overlooked:

ONE critical one that has been overlooked. Weave, braids, curled, straight, natural, perm, locks, tentacles, serpents, whatever..................WASH YOUR DAMN, FRIGGIN......FLIPPIN........SHIT'IN............MUDDA ASS, HAIR!! No I'm not boggling, doing the matrix or leaning back or trying to get down low when we dance, I'm avoiding the Chernobyl that you call hair!! SHIT! It's 2010, we are not THAT hung up on hair anymore. There are far more important considerations, so hair is tertiary to us. We could care less how it looks if it smells like assrocks!

I'm tired of coming home from a party or fete and not only do I need to wash my face, hands or shower, I need to wash MY hair bc I smell like susty weave or burned perm. Idunno, do yall clean your curling irons? And don't give me that bull about black women can't wash your hair that often, bc I can refer you to a few specialists that argue otherwise and will steer you in the right direction product-wise. If a man ever talks to you or dances with you but walks away before the song gets to the chorus, this was probably why.

Here's a clue. If you feel the need to use some fragrance, or scented product on your hair, its a sign that you should WASH IT instead! Bc more than likely, you got accumulated crap and product, sweat and crud from the last time you decided to spray, curl, hot-comb and cook dutty stink hair instead of washing it. We don't care about whatever other clashing scents (scent coordination is another peeve) if your hair smelling like guava mango ass.


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Anonymous said...

aaaaaaahaaaa!! word. now you just need to print that on ashirt or something. hand out flyers at clubs i don't know...