Friday, July 30, 2010



Why the hiatus? I have been stumped on one or two iffy blogs that's been clotting up the backlog but I was compelled to keep things posted in order. That's why I haven't been posting regularly and am posting 13 pieces at once (all originally dated) with an additional 7 still in draft mode. I'll have to post em or make some big bells and whistle announcement when they are good to go so you guys don't miss em (and trust me, you won't want to). I just couldn't leave July in the feeble state it was...........blogless.

But that stuff happens year round, you wanna know what really happened? PAY ATTENTION! I just told you in the title. Seriously, you know how hot a laptop gets in the summer? We've already had days when my ac looked at me like "hey this is the best I can do, I got nothing else for you" but the laptop sometimes undoes that. You know how hard it is to type when you have sun, fresh air and half nekked women gallivanting throughout the land? In the past few weeks I been to a curry-cue (exactly like it sounds, like a barbecue, but everything is curried instead - curry mango, apple, string beans and shrimps were my highlight) a pool party, a beach trip, a few afterwork parties, a few bachelor parties, a few cookouts, a big ass party in prospect park, a few free concerts, a few block parties, a few house parties, a random picnic in the park by the water with a good friend and many other random one on one adventures and palancing shinanigans. Summer has to be hands down the least productive season in any event or industry......except for like life guarding or beaching.

ONCE again, special thanks to all the ppl who bug me and get on my case for not posting. Sometimes, all it takes is just one to tip my scales and barrage you with an avalanched armada of blogs.

PS, you do know that with such massive compressed, condensed, concentrated, bulk bloggiage in conjunction with tomorrow commencing the kick of the official 20-10th annual Raphael Birthday Season, chances are outside of the few drafts I plan to finish, bloggitry may be scarce in this month. Yeah right. If I'm moved, or the world emits silliness at me, I'll spew my $0.02 on it.

PS'er, scroll past the Lebron blog and keep going back into June. There's a few posts down there that you may miss if you stop at the last blog you read.

PSSest, This year I've surpassed the last 3 yrs of blogging combined! Yay! MEEEE!! [insert blackberry dancing emoticon]

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