Saturday, July 31, 2010

Morpheus: Red Pill/Blue Pill, Apropos, Erego, the problem is choice.

I have moments like this that my friend M. Carter used to call "birth control" i.e. Jack and Kate plus 8. Meaning, moments like this make me dread or fear being a parent.
You guys remember "Larry Fishburne?" Then he upgraded his grown man status and became known as "Lawrence Fishburne," like "DON'T DARE CALL ME LARRY!!" which I completely agree with. Nicknames are cool but a man is a man, so call him by his blasted name..............damnit............yeah this one strikes home for me. Of all the memorable characters he's played (my favorite is the coked up drugdealing gangster from "King of New York") he will forever be immortalized as Morpheus, with that goth club coat and those cool shades that snap to his face with no.........whatever those extension thingies are called, from The Matrix trilogy...........and now for this.

According to several reports yesterday, his daughter Montana Fishburne has figured out her path in life, her road map to creating a name for herself...................PORN!!! She's even been quoted as saying that she was inspired by Kim Kardashian and her success. Can't make this up. This is even more disturbing than when DC re-elected convicted crack attic as Mayor. It's bad enough we have the youth looking up to rappers, athletes and movie stars, but now we actually have little girls who think Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton's blueprint to media fame is a viable option??? Is that my Spidey-Why kids are so dumb-Theory senses tingling???? I think my friend Jose Nievez' commentary trumps: "I guess she plans having a long career of getting smashed by NFL players for the rest of her life"

The funniest part of all this to me is, you have to hear the interview with her and porn star Brian Pumper [who supposedly deals to both sided in the adult film arms race]. The man is talking about porn as if they were on "Inside the Actor's Studio" its truly hilarious. Sorry, "Porn Dad" is not going to sit with Lawrence for some time. Maaaaaan, if I was famous and my daughter did this, I'd ship her ass to Singapore in a crate with 7 holes, for a bamboo caning....since she like "cane" in she backside so much.

I can so see Morpheus kicking this dude off of an 18 wheeler on a freeway onto on coming traffic. Poor poor Larry. First they incrementally made him less and less significant in each Matrix movie, finally, Jada practically bitches him in the last movie, now this? Better hug this one a little tighter and tell her a few more "I love you's."

Let's see how this works out. According to IMDB, her popularity shot up 54% this week [but 54% up from no one knowing who the hell you are is not an impressive benchmark just yet]. Kim and Paris had at least one other advantage over Montana that I think is an integral part of turning calamity into star power, but I'mma hold my tongue on that one for now.....Cus that's another conversation..


fjj said...

testng 1, 2. 3

Eve Past Exotic said...

First off, "I can so see Morpheus kicking this dude off of an 18 wheeler on a freeway onto on coming traffic"...I hate to say it but can you really blame him? This is so darn tootin sad! YES I Said it! DARN TOOTIN!!!! Could she not have aspired to be a lawyer, doctor, preacher, teacher, hair stylist, blogger (like you and moi? lol), pianist, dental hygenist...just to name a few...although the list of of aspirations she could have in which she can keep her legs closed, and not have her sexual exploits bought and viewed by millions is endless. I guess we can thank BLACK EVIL TELEVISION also known as BET for this and a lot of other wack things our youth aspire to be and/or do....what a sad sad state we have become...actually scratch that...i REFUSE to be part of that 'we' ...what a sad sad state BET and those who frequent that channel have become.

R said...

ummmmmmmmmm....oksy "Fajita Jerry Jones" I hope that test works out for you. Be sure to subscribe as well.

And Eve, I blame a long list of ppl, including BET. Like Lil Kim. I knew it was trouble when ppl started looking up to her as a role model. "Used to suck c@$k just to get to the top." I barked on and lectured this student bc I heard her say Lil Kim was her role model and now look?

ceebee513 said...

LMAAAAAOOOOOO @ this entire blog! But the sad truth is this shouldve never happened. It makes me cringe to think of my kids getting caught up in the world of porn and I pray it never happens. But more than anything I stay involved in my kids lives even though the divorce split us apart from daily contact. I think Montana is rebelling and/or crying for attention from her father, and what better way to do that than to turn tricks on camera...*SMDH*

And to Eve's point, BET is THE purveyor of filth but we can make the individual choice to shun the coonery...iRefuse, iCant and iWont do BET anymore! *drops mic*

M. said...

Un-Fkng-Believable!!! This is what happens when children get everything they could possibly want. Larry need to drop the Lawrence act and beat the crap out of Brian Pumper.

On another note, thanks for the shout out. I truely believe children are getting dumber and dumber and I have not intention of subjecting myself to that type of torture.

And the name of the show is JOHN & Kate Plus 8 (not Jack). Although it might as well be Jack & Kate since John got kicked to the curb!