Sunday, July 25, 2010

JACK MOVE!! Verizon Users Just got DEEBO'd!!

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5. deebo (v.)

to steal.
derived from the conniving ways of "Deebo," a character in the movie "Friday."

Why you deebo my college application, homie?

So said, so done. Although I haven't found an article from Verizon itself, several users, engadget, forbes, bloomberg gizmodo and wired all report quotes from the CEO, CFO and CTO, projecting that Verizon is taking this generous offer off the table. The smaller providers like Tmobile, Sprint and whoever the hell else, have to offer the kitchen sink and the golden calf to retain customers and nibble away at the massive ATT and Verizon market share but these big guys over here dont seem to give a rats tail about the customers they serve. It's all about bottom line. They're not losing money, per say, on the unlimited plans, they just stand to gain a ridiculous amount by taking it off the table and implementing a tiered system. Personally, I don't know how you can use an iphone or ipad without an unlimited plan, but ATT didn't seem to care about little shit like that.

If anyone finds an official statement from Verizon pls share, but I've def seen enough quotes from the CEO to start a "na na na na" good bye chant. Whether existing customers will be able to keep their current unlimited plan or not, is still to be determined but reliable sources tell me nay :*(|main|dl8|link6|

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