Thursday, August 6, 2009


One of the glorious things about FaceBook is that is has tons of applications that can allow an almost infinite spectrum of user possibility. To each is own, and that's wonderful. However, just bc you're in love with a particular app, doesn't change the fact that some of us find it 100% absolutely asinine.
Sidenote: Not to mention that the agreement to accept the app gives authorization to these third party (non facebook) companies who make the app, to use all your personal information you post on your facebook page at their discretion, but that's another conversation [see previously on "My $0.02" - TOS: Facebook owns you. Get over it. Here's how.]

So out of respect, please keep your invites and suggestions to yourself. My biggest current pet peeve: "FAN PAGES!"

I could understand you wanting to be a fan of billy joel, and missy elliot, elliot spitzer, hugo weaving, or some notable personality or viable cause, but some of these are downright ridiculous!! Every day, I'm confronted with newer and worser shake-my-headism and tomfoolery. So just in case you thought I was on the fence and you had high hopes and aspirations of swaying me, let me make it clear. I am not, nor will ever, in the near conceivable future (and or), will be a fan of:
Sunny days
Hating Mosquitos
Hating Mondays

I am a fan of the following, but don't need an app to exercise this:
Naps [short intervals of sleep that is.......but I sure do love nappy hair]
The Bible
Either Obamas
Black hair
Good sex

The funniest thing, I didn't have to be creative or outlandish to write this one. These are actual facebook fan pages that have either randomly popped up or ppl have suggested to me. HMMPH!!

And one last jab: quizes. God bless you that you have so much free time, but I honestly don't care what diva, "Friday" Character, Shoe, Sex style, wifey material, how long you last in the hood, what day of the week, cocktail, what island or part of brooklyn you are from [sidenote: do you really need a facebook quiz to affirm this?] what 80's movie, what comic character or which Cosby kid Facebook thinks you are.

Thank you!


J'Vaughn said...

Hahaha this was pretty funny but very true. I hate "getting excited" about new notifications until I found out someone is requesting that I take a quiz or become a fan of something. Facebook seems to be turning into MySpace little by little lol. We'll all have to leave Facebook soon to go to another more professional social networking website again lol.

Camille said...

I'm a fan on "My $0.02 blog!" ; )