Thursday, August 13, 2009


LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!!! I have uncovered the culprit!!

Low and behold quitter, I know you're out there!! I know who you are. But for security purposes, I will not reveal the identity. I don't particularly have a gray area in my personality. I'm either extremely silly or extremely serious. Extremely nice, or extremely mean.
Sidenote: I kid, I kid, it's not that serious. I just have a bad habit of really overdoing good joke.

Sidernote: Why the hell is there no phonetic differentiation between "grey" and "gray?" I thought it was "grey" but big fansy shmansy spellcheck over here (which apparently doesn't even have "spellcheck"........or "doesn't"..........but apparently "shmancy" - PROOFREAD CHILDREN!!!) is bullying me towards "gray" but according to any dictionary there is no right or wrong. I never knew that.
So quitter, I forgive you.....and although it hasn't happened yet, mark my word.........yo back will itch!!

But continuing the conversation, every year, I make a big deal about my bday. But its taught me a lot about ppl over the years. I usually invite about 2-300+ ppl out to said party. For a myriad of reasons, about 80-100 will respond within the 1-2 week window. Of that number, about 30-40 ppl will show up. Do you think I focus on the dozens of ppl who decline or never even respond to the invite? Do you think I dwell on the ppl who say they will show up and don't?

The most important ppl are the ppl who show up and are right in front of you......and always do.

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