Thursday, August 13, 2009

Raphael Birthday Season...09

So people get amused, puzzled, shocked, and flat out "huh'd" when I tell them that the official observance of Raphael Birthday Season, is from August first until the Tuesday after Labor Day (marked from Toronto's carnival to Brooklyn's Labor day Caribbean parade). I make a big deal of my bday and honestly don't understand why most ppl don't . In a marriage, one of the most important dates btwn a couple is the marriage bc it marks the date your lives together officially started..................what could possibly be more important and celebrated to an individual than the date THEY started? The day to which all things have followed. I'm pretty sure there are some hallmarks in a lifetime......some great sentences and chapters and pages............but you got to somehow get passed the first
Sidenote: Yes I meant to say the Brooklyn Caribbean "Parade"..........NOT "CARNIVAL!!!" remind me to explain the zillions of reasons why its a "Parade" and not a "Carnival" bc that is entirely another conversation and I don't want to get vex right now.

Sidernote: Funny enough, my Leo comrades seem to be amongst the minority that not only see absolutely nothing wrong with it...but thinking its a great idea and wonder why they didn't think of it.

Apple Sidernote: August must mean "arrogant" in some language. I swear. You late July ppl fall into this category too. Even it's origins are arrogate HISTORY LESSON: We originally had 10 months but the roman emperors Julius and Augustus added months and named em after themselves.
HOWEVER!! Although I love to celebrate (DEY CALL ME BAACHANAL!!)

....ahem...I'm more concerned with seeing all the ppl I care about come out and have a good time. Some ppl I only see once a year on my bday party. Some can only stay for an hour or just pass by to say hi and have to leave. That's the more enriching part of the festivities for me. SOOOOOOO, this week we culminate in a three-day, three nights of partying known as Raphael Birthday Week. Vol.9..........bc it's the 9th one since I hit 21...get it?

Why so many dates?? Because when I had parties in the week turnout was great, but many ppl complained and cussed me. 2006 caused everyone to get to work late on Friday. When I had parties on weekends, ppl were out of town.........and complained. Ironically, my first weekend party was in 07 and not at a club, so it was free, and had the lowest turnout of all 8 parties. SO, how about we all just celebrate whenever, wherever you can? It's not just about me, everyone has to have a good time.

Pray for me and wish us all well. My bday usually falls on a weekday, but the few times it's landed on a weekend, some extinction level event/natural disaster calamity always happened. I am one of the few ppl who will remember the exact date and time of the major northeastern black out......approx 3pm, August 14th 2003. Why bc it was the day before my bday, so that year we couldn't go out (all restaurants and bars were without power for 24+ hours and mass transit was still down). And the absolute last neighborhood to get power in all of the Tri-State area was the 10 block radius around my home......not even, bc my friend 3 blocks east on the same block had power. I felt like the bully kid Nelson from The Simpsons was on the radio station laughing at me.

Last year we had tornadoes, flooding AND HAIL in the tri-state area..........that is New York, New Jersey and Connecticut some of you........and did I mention this was August when we had the hail.
.... (cant make this up, look it up). It gets better. I chose a venue that I later found out some lady was murdered in there 4 days before the date of my party (some real law and order business, it was quite a case with employees, etc) but they were going to have the event anyway. Well maybe she haunted the place bc amidst the august, the roof caved in and it began raining inside the club, so the event shut down and we had to move our venue at 7pm the day of.....and my Internet connection was down so my friend and I spent 2 hours just calling and txting ppl (cant make this stuff up) so expect the un-expected this weekend.
Sidenote: The parties are always ROCKING!!! and none of my invites or attendees were ever harmed, except for me during the blackout when I got hit btwn the eyes with a peach...but that's another conversation. So sad. Most ppl just go out and have fun. I have to earn it.

WestSIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDEnote: It really is a sad day when a reality is more ellaborate, comical and bazarre than anything you creatively try to concieve.
Sigh........forecast already calls for rain....good one God.

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