Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Sidenote: This is followed by 3 actual new (well to you all that is) blogs. This one just counts as a brain fart.
Why do ppl ask you "can I ask you a question," rather than ask you the question they intend to ask you? I'm a jerk, so my response is usually, "no, you just asked me one" so perhaps the your initial question should be "can I ask you two questions?" AND, what are you really going to do if I say no? Not ask me?

Why do ppl say, "I need to tell you something" rather than saying the something that they need to tell you? At least that's better than, "we need to talk." Those words are the kiss of death, because I have yet to have something positive or enjoyable proceed after "we need to talk." Maybe you have, but not me.

Moral of the story, SHUT UP AND SAY IT!! (quite an oxymoron but I like it) That's like saying, "this will make you mad" or "I hope you don't get mad" bc 9 out of 10 times, I end up getting mad. Either its psychological or ppl just know what will upset me and love to do so anyways. Iono, haven't figured that one out yet.

Other notable "kiss-of-deaths that no good can ever come out of":
"What had happened was....." Once, that comes out of your mouth, I don't even want to hear the rest bc you may as well say, "the moronic thing that happened was....." or "my excuse is..." I had a junior high school gym teacher that used to always say: "Excuses, excuses. They explain, but they don't excuse." - Mr. Clarke

"I got this/you" This is the most non-reassuring statement one can possibly make to me. The sad thing is, that ppl who usually say this, usually don't "got you," or "have this." It comes out of a sense of arrogance and I'd rather you ask for help or ask questions than assume "you got this" and noz the whole thing up........sigh. I digress.

Please add this to the list of your vocabulary omissions. Thank you!

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