Monday, January 11, 2010

011110 - My Nerd Moment...well at least one of em

Do something with today's date!!!!

Start a relationship.

Tell someone you love em.

If you're pregnant, force that lil _____ out today.

At the very least, create a document and save it with today's date, write out a check, hell, even do some boring adult stuff today.

Get a letter post dated.

Save today's paper.

Take a photo or video with the date stamp.

Why?? Bc today will numerically (I'm 99% positive of this) will be the only perfectly numerically symmetrical date of your entire life.

01 11 10 011_110 01/11/10

Of course, not geometrically speaking bc even folded vertically its not perfectly symmetrical...well perhaps if you use a san-serif font...........AAAHHH BOLLOCKS!! This looked so much cooler when I hand wrote it.

Save the date. I think I'm going to post date an empty envelope to myself......yeah right. Except for taxes, I don't do anything at the post office I can't do online. This is probably my suppressed inner packrat talking.

Or worse case a blog =D


Lady in Red said...

We Trinidadians write dates day first, thus: 11/01/10....not symmetrical...heh heh *evil laugh*

R said...

LOL!!! yeah, you trinidadians, military, british and canadians. yeah, i realized how short lived my nerd moment was. especially when I realized that Feb 22nd, and 11th 2020 will do it again....and then theres march 11th, 22nd 2030...

LEMELONE!! It sounded cool at the time lol.