Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Bloggiversary

3 years ago, January 26th 2007, I finally decided to stop sporadically spreading my cyber-thoughts and consolidate them into one place.

Coincidentally, that was another significant 3 year benchmark in my life. Interestingly enough, there a radical difference btwn where I was then and where I am now.

3 years ago, I psychologically traded in my physical journal for a virtual online journal.

3 years ago, I had plans.

3 years later, I'm nowhere near where I anticipated I'd be.

One of the few common denominators.... still, I smile. Still, I silly. Still, I LAAAA!!!

Is the difference that much?


How so?

That would be logged under TMIatry.

To celebrate, or rather reflect, I revisited my first blog which in hindsight explains quite a bit about how and why I write. I have an exponential amount of readers since then, many of which don't know me personally, so I encourage you all to do the same.

Fischer Price - My First Blog/Disclaimer

Unfortunately, I spent most of this day attempting to please everyone but myself, and had technical difficulties by the time I got around to typing. BAAAHHH!!!

Lets cruise. Let's vibe to the signature song of another....less noteworthy Raphael ;)

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Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary. EENCORE!!