Wednesday, January 6, 2010


In a quick glance, I walked by a TV that was showing some awards show tonight. Taylor Swift apparently won the Teen Choice Award for best female artist of the year, beating out the Britneys, Gaga's, and Beyonces and whoever else is hot these days.

I didn't listen in, but I surely hope she thanked Kanye in her acceptance speach. I'll be the first to admit I (along with millions of others) had no idea, who in the Blue Cantrell, Taylor Swift was before the MTV awards show. I knew that song and video (I can't lie, that note writing business in the window was hella cute) but if you asked me the name I'd draw a blank. Then one day I see "some chick" winning an award, I turn my head for two seconds, when I look back, Kanye in on stage holding the mic...and the rest is history.

Reminds me of a story I heard (paraphrased bc I can't find it):
A little mouse used to stray too far from home too often. His mother warned him not to do that in the cold. One cold winter night, he wanders off too far and it begins to snow. He rushes back but along the way freezes from the cold. As he lay there frozen stiff, a horse walks over. Surprisingly the horse' hoofs miss the mouse completely, but then the horse stops and proceeds to shit on the mouse. At the brink of freezing to death and just being shat on by a horse, life could not possibly look worse. BUT, as fowl smelling as it was, the horse droppings were very hot. In fact, it was warm enough to thaw out the mouse and get him moving and in no time he was able to move and make his way home.
Moral of the story: Not everyone who shits on you is your enemy ;)