Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How Do you Deal with Death?

Since the crisis in Haiti hit us, my attitude changed up a bit. I never knew how Haitian I was until that next day.

FYI, for those of you who don't know, the main West Indian satellites in the US are, New York, Miami, Toronto [okay, North America] and followed by Washington DC, and Boston.........coincidentally all the cities that host carnivals. There are other cities we go to, but these are the best bet of getting as close to the culture in terms of ppl, family, food, music and nightlife. That being said, Flatbush Brooklyn is arguably the Haitian capital of the world. I'm convinced that there are more Haitians in Brooklyn than their are in Haiti. So living here all my life, Haitians have always been close, near and dear to me.

As if that wasn't sad enough, one good friend of mine lost family out there, another lost his mother out there, and one of my closest friends out here lost his mother to a battle with cancer. So needless to say, the priority list was re-directed the last few weeks. Were it not for M. Carter's bbm this morning: "Dude... you're slipping on the blog tip," which coincidentally popped up around the same time as my bloggiversary reminder, I probably wouldn't be writing now.
Sidenote: Nerd moment # 4,987....yes, I did make note of the date I started and set a reminder for myself to write about it. GNYAAAAAAGH!!!
I'm usually the last to try to give someone a speech after a loss, bc I've dealt with few close deaths to date. It's the sad, unfortunate, dreadful inevitability that we try to ignore, but is ultimately awaiting us all. Sooner or later, we die or lose someone close to us. Only 6 months ago, another friend lost his mother, hence why I was so ambivalent about Michael Jackson. He couldn't even stay in the wake.

How do you deal with or rather, cope with death?

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Jazzy said...

Everyone deals with death in their own way. My father died last month and very few peple know because I'm a private person and don't want everyone offering their condolences just to do so with no real feeling behind it. But it has definately changed me and I get emotional out of no where, at the littlest things. I'm being strong for my mother and am happier I'm away at school rather than in NY surrounded by my family constantly being reminded, at least at school I get little moments of pure happiness before it hits me again. I'm gonna get through this its just gonna take more time.