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Your body is 70% think water is important?
Sidenote: That's about average. If you wanna get technical, the range can be btwn 50-80%. More lean muscle mass holds more water than fat so, no, not everyone is 70% water.

Sidernote: Isn't it ironic that the planet too, is about 70% water? That's why I don't argue with ppl who say there is not a God or that the planet is not a living thing.

Southsidenote: I often wonder if they made commercials during our favorite cartoons of a gallon of water busting through a wall screaming, "OH YEEEEEEEAAAAAAH!!" would we have a different attitude towards water? What if we had hot sexy bikini models hawking drinking water in commercials during sports games or topless men during soap operas or Grey's Anatomy? What if water was the official drink of the NBA..........ok you get the point.
"I DONT LIKE WAAAAAAATERRRRR!! IT HAS NO TAAAAAAAAAAASTE!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!" These arguments were probably effective when you were, but grow the eff up. I can't imagine that colon exams and twat checks are a full blown bowl of Kellogs Pops, but as we age, we gotta do whats best for us FIRST, and what we like SECOND. So get creative, add lime or some other fruit. Try this, instead of that 20 oz cup you like to fill with juice or "drink," instead, try filling it 30-60% with water? Experiment to your desire. Here's some help, tea, coffee, powder mixed protein shakes, natural iced tea and lemonade count towards your daily intake, but they take longer to absorb that pure water without all the true health benefits........NOT powdered iced tea, lemonade, juice, tang, koolaid or red/purple/blue/green/orange drink. Try flavored water (avoid anything with artificial sugars for it is the devil). Hopefully those are some helpful "hows" but here's a few friendly "why's" or rather the benefits of water:

-Offset Jet lag. Most of the symptoms induced by jet lag are comparable to dehydration. A good measure is to drink at least 1-2 glasses of water per hour in the air ESPECIALLY if you drink on flights. If you're not proactive, drink a gallon of water upon landing, but I find the latter more difficult
-Hydrated skin = healthier skin. Softer, smoother and clearer. Ppl don't believe that I hardly ever use lotion yet I get complimented on my skin all the time. Think of it as moisturizing from the inside.
-You don't need to check the label or count the calories.
-Lighten up your meal. The average fast food or restaurant sit-down meal can range btwn 600-2000 calories BEFORE you factor in the drink, soda, coffee, shake or whatever beverage.
-Best sports drink ever. Check out The Water Rules via Menshealth
-Weight management. Whether you're trying to gain or lose, water is a pivotal component in flushing fats, toxins and regulating your body.
-More effective for all nighters than coffee. Why are you so sleepy, drowsy and delirious? You're not lugging crates, you're at a desk for crying out loud. Could it be that you're dehydrated? Have you looked at the symptoms of dehydration and said to yourself "hmmmmmmm.....sounds a lot like my last all nighter?" Do you really drink water or do you just babysit that one "guilt" bottle of water the entire night? Personally, I don't endorse all-nighters, but we all know not everything works in our favor towards a tardy deadline so sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Be sure to drink a bottle every 40 minutes, preferably in a straight shot. You'll have to pee like a pregnant race horse but you wont be dozing off.

Last note: do not make a crutch out of sports drinks and sports waters for your water intake. It kills me when I see ppl eating the super teriyaki delux sweet n sour bacon burger with curly sweet potato fries and kookamunga dipping sauce........and a vitamin water? Its not a diet drink ppl. Sports drinks are packed with carbs, sugars and salts bc when you work out, you need to replenish those things..........WHAT ARE YOU REPLENISHING AT YOUR DESK? What vital nutrients did you lose undoing the paper jam in tray 3? All you're doing by drinking these things casually is packing on carbs, calories, salt and sugars (or in fancy shmancy technical terms......"electrolytes" lol).

I suggest everyone get a huge measuring cup and track your daily intake. It's not hard. If your glass is 16 oz, then you know you have to down it at least 4 times a day. Another simple hydrometer is your peepee. If it's looking anywhere from tap water to lemonade, to water with a crystal light, you're in good shake. Darker yellow to gold, you need more water. If it's looking like Earl Grey Tea, you need to stop whatever you're drinking and get a gallon of water immediately!

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