Monday, June 7, 2010

Whats Your Skeleton/Achilles Heal?

What are you ashamed of and would like to improve. Ppl get so pissed when slim or seemingly skinny ppl say they need to get in shape,work out or loose weight. I have a very slim friend of mine who recently said she needs to start working out again (and referenced my "Staying Motivated In The Gym" series). My first thought was "why," but after a second of thinking, I said "GO FOR IT!" She may look good........clothed, but I don't know what she looks like nekked. I don't know what she sees as her Achilles Heal that she needs to tackle and conquer. I applaud ppl wh0 practice self criticality.
Sidenote: In my experience, skinny ppl tend to be out of shape ppl too. If you're naturally slim and don't need to workout, and are not in the habit of doing so, good luck going running or going up those flights of stairs.
Some ppl have the skeletons hanging on the front porch and could care less, so whats wrong with identifying an area (I'm trying not to say flaw) you wish to improve, that you may not be too proud of? Why is it ppl sit on their skeletons day in, day out and do nothing about it? The true strength in the serenity prayer is "the wisdom to know the difference," so if you feel the need to do something different or improve on something, respect your discernment and ignore the haters and nay-sayers.

To paraphrase and truncate a story I once heard:
One day, while walking passed his neighbors house, a man noticed that everyday his neighbor's dog is laying in one spot and whining miserably. When he asked why, the man on the porch explained that his dog was sitting on a nail and bleeding.

Why doesn't the dog just move?

Because it isn't hurting bad enough.

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